I bet YOU ARE an Energy Healer?

Has that question come across your mind lately? Am I an Energy Healer? Have you been feeling drawn to learning more about energy healing or just healing in many different ways and aspects? Has it been on your mind? Are you feeling drawn to help people in a bigger way? Well, that’s what I speak about on this video.

I have been finding with the clients that are coming to me, that more and more of them want to step into their role as a healer. This is a big aspect of what I’m doing in my work and what I’m helping people with. And, if you know me, in my world there are NO coincidences.

I’m very aware how the energy is changing on the planet as we are all evolving into more of who we truly are. We are wanting to know more. We’re asking bigger questions. It’s becoming more common to talk about things to do with spirituality, and awakening, and energy healing, and how to work with energy, and the law of attraction and  manifesting. Basically all things Spiritual.

Awakening to your TruthIt’s all about awakening to our truth

To the truth that we are far more than we ever thought that we were. Realizing that we have so much more capability when we can expand our energy into the unseen to tap into the support that’s there for us, the wisdom that wants to come through.

So, basically I guess I want to just get this across to anyone who might have been kind of curious about this or not even understanding this draw that they’re feeling to wanting to help in a bigger way.

Many people are shifting out of whole careers into this other way of being, because it lights them up! Because their soul is calling to them to serve in this way. And that is pretty super cool.

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I believe that everybody is an energy healer.

This is what I really want to get across here, I believe it is true, that everybody is an energy healer, or a healer in some way. Actually anybody can be an energy healer. We all have this ability within us. We can all tap into this and express it and share it with the world.

This doesn’t mean you have to actually shift your whole career and work your way into this new way of life. It could just be that you’re helping your friend, you’re helping your co workers, you’re helping your family, you’re helping animals. Maybe the healing wants to come through in a way where you’re helping plants. It could be in any way that brings more life, more love to the planet.

You are a LightWorkerA lot of people are waking up to this aspect of themselves. They are actually beginning to see that they are Lightworkers here to bring more light to the planet and this is now waking up within them.

You can be an Energy Healer

We all have the ability to inspire others to their own healing and to even be a catalyst for healing, or a channel for that healing as in the work that I do.

So, if anything I just wanted this video to stimulate more of that awareness within you. Because, if you’re reading this, somehow you found it, then this question is probably within you. I invite you to watch the video, I think you will enjoy it.

I’d love for you to comment below if this question has been on your mind. If you know that you’re a healer and you do this kind of work just with friends and family. Or maybe you’re feeling this draw to step into it in a bigger way. I’d love for you to comment below.

Peace, Love & Light,



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