Discover the Power of Sound as Medicine Interview with Mona Delfino

Discover how to use sound as medicine to effectively treat your health issues—interview with Mona Delfino.

Sound as Medicine Sound Healing with Mona DelfinoHave you felt as though you’re on a merry-go-round of treating the same old symptoms — fatigue, stress, depression, and other chronic conditions — without making any real progress?

Have you sensed that going to a doctor may not be your only hope for a healthy life — yet, you’re not sure where else to turn? It’s time to turn the corner into a clear understanding of your health — and open the door to new possibilities for healing…

In fact, with the proper sound-healing techniques and intention, you can not only bring about profound healing, you can also attain a sense of “oneness” and live a more joyful and authentic life.

Part of using sound healing as medicine is creating new perceptions around your emotions, bringing reality into a new focus, and clearing the way for deep healing — even for your most persistent health concerns…

You can discover the power of sound as medicine — and how to move into a space of true healing using deep breathing practices, sound bowls, and more — when you join healer, teacher, and author Mona Delfino for a FREE video event, Discover Sound as Medicine: How to Clear Emotional Blocks & Heal Common Illnesses & Chronic Conditions Through the Power of Your Own Voice.

(Though this event has passed, you can check out other events with Mona and related sound healing and energy healing topics below)

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2302, 2024

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Interview with Mona Delfino.

Medical Intuitive and 40 Year Energy Medicine Practitioner Mona DelfinoMona Delfino is an author and world-renowned Energy Medicine practitioner of 40 years.

She was born with shamanic abilities, following her calling and helping people and animals heal from a very early age.

Mona is well-versed in spirituality and Quantum Healing, teaching the Art of Alchemy: as within, so without.

She has an extensive background of reading her clients from afar as well as seeing them in person; energy has no bounds.

Her effective and deliberate work has helped heal thousands over the years.

She also works to heal the Earth; when feeling called, she engages in ceremony to release memory from gridlines throughout the world for energetic cleansing. Mona is able to provide insights into the “big picture” through reading the energy of humanity through astrological patterns as well as inside each individual.

She continually teaches the Sacred Language of the Human Body. She even wrote the book on it!

Mona offers individual healing sessions that are done over Skype, Zoom, phone, and sometimes in person.

  • She also holds spiritual retreats that are timely and relevant for all who attend. Current topics include:
    the Spiritual Immune System,
  • the Energetic Membrane, and
  • the Sacred Language of the Human Body.

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