Discover the Profound Fusion of EFT Tapping Training and Eye Movements for Deeper Energy Clearing with Mary Sise

EFT Tapping Training-Experience Deep-Clearing EFT to Transmute Limiting Emotions & Align With Your Core Essence with Mary Sise (now โ€“ September 27th, 2023): Discover tapping and a proven approach to EFT emotional freedom tapping as a powerful approach to transforming fear, guilt, anxiety & anger.  Learn how to break through your resistance to becoming authentic, raising your vibration and attracting what you truly want in life. Discover the power of EFT with eye movements for deeper energy clearing. Align with your soulโ€™s calling using a customized approach to tappingโ€”experience deep-clearing EFT to transmute limiting emotions and to align with your essence.

Discover a proven approach to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how to start raising your vibration and attracting what you truly want in life

Aligning with Your Soul’s Calling Through Customized EFT Tapping Training Techniques

 Discover the power of EFT with eye movements for deeper energy clearing with Mary SiseWhen you delve into the tapestry of your life, what emotions and sensations emerge?

Are you aligned with the profound desires of your soul, or have you unknowingly woven yourself into a narrative scripted by others โ€“ be it family, society, or past experiences? Perhaps, beneath the surface, your inner light yearns to shine brighter, untainted by past traumas and lingering disappointments.

In the realm of holistic healing, renowned energy psychology trailblazer Mary Sise asserts that the price of disregarding your soul’s yearnings is not merely emotional; it extends its grip on your physical and spiritual well-being. Suppressing your authentic desires or subsisting in the shadows cast by past traumas can greatly impact your overall health โ€“ from stress and anxiety to addiction and even grave physical ailments.

Yet, there is a beacon of transformation that illuminates the path toward alignment and revitalization. It’s a technique that seamlessly blends the potent practices of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with the subtleties of eye movements โ€“ a synergy that Mary Sise has harnessed to introduce a profound form of energy clearing.

Embracing the Fusion: EFT Tapping Training and Eye Movements

Join us on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023 (Recording of this live event will be available through September 27th, 2023) for an illuminating workshop hosted by Mary Sise, where you’ll be guided through an empowering journey into Experience Deep-Clearing EFT to Transmute Limiting Emotions & Align With Your Core Essence. Click here to secure your spot:

Experience a tapping exercise for transmuting a difficult emotion and its limiting energy

This transformative event will unravel the intricate layers of EFT, a well-established approach for swift and potent transformation of emotions like fear, guilt, and anger. Beyond its traditional application, Mary has enriched this technique with a customized touch, drawing inspiration from the healing wisdom of Roger Callahan’s original framework. A particularly intriguing facet of this fusion is the incorporation of eye movements โ€“ an ingenious method to rewire your brain for more profound energy clearing.

A Glimpse into the EFT Tapping Workshop Experience:

  1. Rediscovering the Present Moment through the Emotional Freedom TechniqueRediscovering the Present Moment: Learn how tapping, combined with the deliberate focus of eye movements, can effectively ground you in the present, liberating you from the shackles of fear, guilt, and anxiety.
  2. Crafting Your Unique EFT Journey: Embark on a personalized voyage through the realms of EFT, where eye movements form an integral part of the transformative process. Witness how they facilitate brain retraining for deeper energy clearing.
  3. Transmutation of Difficult Emotions: Engage in a powerful tapping exercise tailored to transmute challenging emotions. Experience how this technique can neutralize the emotional charge linked to difficult relationships, enabling you to stand rooted in your authentic presence.
  4. Love as the Nexus of Healing: Gain insights into the profound connection between healing and love. Discover how the frequencies of self-love and self-trust synergize with EFT, providing an optimal platform to activate potent intentions.
  5. Decoding Energy Psychology: Journey into the realm of Energy Psychology, where Eastern Medicine’s meridian system unveils an intricate connection between specific emotions and the body’s organs. Decode the hidden messages behind limiting energies.

Unlocking the Door to Self-Healing and Authenticity

Unlocking the Door to Self-Healing and Authenticity with EFT Tapping WorkshopPrepare to immerse yourself in an event that promises to crack open the door to self-healing, self-loyalty, and the unbridled sharing of your unique gifts with the world. Register for Experience Deep-Clearing EFT to Transmute Limiting Emotions & Align With Your Core Essence with Mary Sise now and take a definitive step towards a life brimming with authenticity, joy, and well-being.

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Can’t make it to the live event? Fret not โ€“ registering ensures you receive a downloadable recording, allowing you to embark on this transformative journey at your convenience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to merge the power of tapping and eye movements, igniting a profound shift in your energy, perception, and alignment.

Secure your access to transformation.

A vibrant tapestry of healing awaits at the intersection of EFT, eye movements, and your soul’s longings.

Join Mary Sise and the community of seekers on September 6th for an experience that beckons you to honor your essence and thrive in the radiance of your authenticity.

About Your EFT Emptional Freedom Tapping Teacher

Mary SiseMeet Mary Sise: A Trailblazer in Holistic Healing

Mary Sise has a career spanning over 35 years as a licensed New York social worker, has seamlessly blended clinical expertise with groundbreaking energetic methodologies. For two decades, sheโ€™s been at the forefront of pioneering techniques that bridge the profound connections between mind, body, and spirit within healing.

As an internationally recognized speaker, Mary graces stages worldwide, sharing her insights and wisdom. Beyond the podium, sheโ€™s dedicated herself to crafting transformative training programs. These programs delve into the realms of releasing negative beliefs, unraveling traumaโ€™s grip, and illuminating the healerโ€™s intricate roles and responsibilities.

Maryโ€™s imprint is felt through her professional journey and her pivotal role as Past President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). This global professional organization is committed to the evolution of training, research, and humanitarian endeavors within the energy psychology field.

The Energy of Belief- Psychology's Power Tools to Focus Intention and Release Blocking BeliefsA literary force, Maryโ€™s co-authored โ€œThe Energy of Beliefโ€ and authored Tapping the Panic Out of Pandemic. offering profound insights into the realms of belief and crisis.

However, her most recent breakthrough, the โ€œSoul Weaving Process,โ€ was birthed from a lifelong exploration. Over decades, sheโ€™s delved into the delicate task of reintegrating fragmented aspects of consciousness after traumatic events.

Maryโ€™s journey of enlightenment also leads her into the healing embrace of Her Holiness Sai Maa. Two decades of personal training under Sai Maaโ€™s guidance have fortified Maryโ€™s prowess in energy healing. As a lead facilitator in Sai Maaโ€™s โ€œJourney of Profound Healing Programโ€ and the Director of the โ€œMagdalena Healing Program,โ€ Mary plays a transformative role.

Her hallmark lies in translating intricate spiritual concepts into accessible teachings. Through her practice, she radiates support to healers, leaders, and change-makers devoted to serving our planetโ€™s awakening. Experience the radiance of Mary Siseโ€™s legacy as she illuminates the path towards holistic healing and profound self-discovery.