Discover How to Open to the Loving, Limitless Energy of Money Interview Podcast with Sarah McCum

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Money Loves You! Activating the New Currency Interview with Sarah McCrum


In this episode, we are excited to welcome back money consciousness coach Sarah McCrum. Sarah has just come back from a successful launch of her 1st Money Consciousness Program and online course in partnership with The Shift Network., that launched with a FREE Online Event entitled:

Discover the Generous, Loving Energy of Money with Sarah McCrum

Due to the success of this 1st event as a Shift Network faculty member, The Shift Network was eager to have Sarah offer a more in-depth money consciousness program. Her 2nd FREE Online Event is called:

Activating the New Currency with Sarah McCrum

Podcast Interview with Sara McCrum, Money Consciousness Coach at The Shift NetworkWe open our interview podcast with the following:

“Does there seem to be a limited supply of money in your life…

Do you feel that wanting more money is selfish or not “spiritual?”

The “new currency” — opening to money as loving, limitless energy — is something entirely different, an evolution and a REVolution…

Once activated feelings of fear and scarcity fade. The illusion that you need to “make more” to “have enough” dissolves. You become clearer, more effective, and more aligned with your values and your soul.”

Join us in this fun and enlightening interview podcast as we discuss common problems and patterns she sees in people, wealthy or not, and how many of us relate to money with old money stories, unconscious ancestral inheritance, family, religious and societal beliefs as it relates to money.

Sarah is here to help all of us activate the truth about the true loving energy of money as coming from the source of love and all of creation.

REGISTER HERE to get Sarah’s LOVE source activation of receiving and enjoying the continual flow and abundance of money and the loving energy of money.

Love Money, Money Loves You Book by Author Sarah McCrumCheck out Sarah’s book (that inspired The Shift Network staff to bring her onboard):
Love Money, Money Loves You

You can access all resources and links to connect with Sara at

You can access our 1st interview podcast with sarah McCrum here.

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