FREE Online Event 7 SEcrets of Dreaming While Awake with Robert MossWhat if you could supercharge the power of your imagination to create more of what you want to experience in life?

And what if by expanding your “imaginative thinking,” you could learn how to better heal your body, mind and soul?

The truth is that “imaginative thinking” has the power to transform your life in a way that is quite different from idle fantasy or wishful thinking.

By applying the principles of lucid dreaming to your waking life, you can turn your imagination into a potent tool for the fulfillment of your soul’s desires.

If you’d like to learn more about this modern-day, shamanically-inspired practice, then you’ll want to participate in a FREE online event featuring bestselling author and creator of Active Dreaming,

Robert Moss, called:
The 7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake:
How to Bring Gifts from Other Realities to Your Everyday Life.

This free event airs Wednesday, May 27th and you can register here:


Robert is a brilliant and engaging teacher, opening you to the possibility of a profound paradigm shift in how you use your imagination and your awareness of reality.
During this complimentary call with Robert Moss, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn mental blocks into allies through visualization.
  • Tune into and harness powerful images that can heal your body, mind and soul.
  • Accelerate the fulfillment of your desires by wake-dreaming your destination.
  • Activate a “bigger story” for your life – the one your soul is calling you to.

This will be a mind-expanding hour that can open your life to new creative possibilities and fill your world with a sense of authentic magic!



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PS-Don’t miss this opportunity to learn life-transforming dream practices from world-renowned dream expert Robert Moss and start to experience and activate a “bigger story” for your life!

Register here for this FREE online event with Robert Moss, presented by The Shift NetworkThe 7 Secrets to Dreaming While Awake: How to Bring Gifts from Other Realities to Your Everyday Life.