This features the most recent and upcoming free online events presented by Stephen Dinan and The Shift Network, Sounds True, Mind Valley, and other of our affiliate partners. Check out this week’s calendar of free virtual events geared towards mind body spirit related topics for personal and spiritual growth and development. Created for individuals that care about conscious living and health.

Teachings of Jesus: What He Really Taught in His Native Tongue

2024-05-16T10:54:50-06:00May 16th, 2024|Tags: , , , , |

The Shift Network Presents: The Teachings of Jesus Christ...What Jesus Really Taught in His Native Aramaic: A Unifying Path to Love & Freedom Using the True Meaning of Jesus’ Words & Wisdom with [...]

Discover Shamanic Energy Medicine with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

2024-05-13T17:01:13-06:00May 14th, 2024|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Discover Where Modern Science & Ancient Traditions Meet in Shamanic Energy Medicine with Dr. Alberto Villoldo:  Align with your divine design for longevity and vibrant health as a neuro-shaman & earth keeper.  Embark [...]

Discover Mind-to-Matter Science with Dawson Church

2024-05-13T16:47:38-06:00May 13th, 2024|Tags: , , , , , , |

The Shift Network Presents... Discover Mind-to-Matter Science: Train Your Brainwaves to Transform Your Health & Create Your Own Reality with Dawson Church, PhD (now through May 21st, 2024):  Discover how to train your [...]

Meister Eckhart’s Wisdom: Why Compassion is Important

2024-04-26T12:05:33-06:00April 27th, 2024|Tags: , , , , |

The Shift Network Presents---Explore Why Compassion is Important in Spirituality With Master Eckhart’s Wisdom with renowned spiritual pioneer Matthew Fox (Now - May 7th, 2024):  Mystical teachings for renewal, love & forgiveness in times [...]

Become a “Best-in-Class” Certified Health Coach in Only 20 Weeks

2024-05-22T09:45:41-06:00April 23rd, 2024|Tags: , , , , , |

Are You Considering Becoming a Certified Health Coach in 2024? Here's my mindbodygreen reviews. Find out why I highly recommend (below) the Certification Health Coach Program from mindbodygreen and why I invite you [...]

How to Detox Your Energy System by Aligning to Nature’s Rhythm

2024-04-12T07:57:17-06:00April 12th, 2024|Tags: , , , , , , , |

The Shift Network Presents- Detox Your Energy System by Aligning to Nature’s Rhythm with osteopathic doctor Brian Siddhartha Ingle now through May 1st, 2024: Detox your energy system by aligning to nature’s rhythms. Enhance your [...]


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