What if you could ask for help from Spirit to get what you want and know that it will come?

Ah, this video was really fun in that I had no idea what I would be talking about. I left it entirely up to Spirit. And oh so appropriate. It’s almost funny, I asked Spirit to give me the perfect card to speak about on video. And the card I pulled was ASK. Ask for help!

Spirit can be quite funny at times. At least I find that my Guides have a great sense of humor and always give me answers in the simplest of ways. Like asking for the perfect card for that video and getting the Ask card. I find it pretty funny. All I did was ask for help, and I got it. The ASK for help card, so funny!

Ask Spirit for helpSince we have Free Will our Guides and Angels can’t just intervene, we have to ask for their help. Unless it’s your Guardian Angel and they can jump in at any time.  But what I want to share in this video is that you can put out a request to the universe. Tell your Spirit Guides and Angels what you desire in your life, AND ask for help.

And then add to your manifesting by visualizing and feeling what you asked for, as if you already have it, right? So, it’s really putting that message out to the universe that this is what I have in my life now, visualizing living whatever it is that you want to manifest. But really where the ASK comes in even more is in talking to your Angels and Guides.

Yeah. Asking your guides, your angels, God, source, creator, the energy outside of you, spirit helpers, to assist you in actually bringing about this new reality that you already put out there to the Universe. And it’s really about just opening to whatever comes.

Without getting the mind in the way to try to figure everything out. Because if we can just all get to that place of simply putting our desires out there, asking spirit to assist us and guide us forward step by step in the direction of that reality, it can become your today reality. Right? Do you get it? I think you do.

So I would say this card is just a reminder to ask for help from spirit, from your guides and angels. You know, maybe it’s asking for help from those in the flesh that can assist you, provided that you receive the inspiration as to where to go.

So I guess two fold: asking for assistance in making your dreams come true, because some of the things that might be part of what creates it for you, you may need to get the assistance from those around you in physical form who can actually guide you there.

Maybe it’s a teacher. Maybe it’s just someone who knows more about whatever this is that you’re going to. So it’s advice or just help. Just ask, ask, ask.

I would suggest to spend a little time each day just kind of talking to the spirit. I’m going to just call it spirit, spirit in general, whatever that means to you. Just asking spirit for a little guidance, a little direction today to help me along my path. And thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so grateful for your assistance in moving me throughout my life and taking me to all that I desire.

Because spirit knows what you desire, right?

Watch the video to see what I share about this message that came through from this beautiful card.

Peace, Love & Light,



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