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Today’s feature presentation demonstrates an online marketing case study and marketing ROI for Mystic/Sage Level or Enlightened One Level members of
Our presentation shows very early signs of success and significant return on investment for this particular network member.
Key points to make are that:
  • The member’s listing page went live only 7 weeks ago.
  • The member’s Facebook ad campaigns have only been running 2 weeks as of the presentation and we were just beginning week 3 of running Facebook ads.
The content marketing strategy for is holistic in that all aspects of online marketing are integrated into unique packages geared towards small businesses, solopreneurs, mindful professionals and conscious companies in the mind body spirit realm.


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Membership pricing packages for The Mind Body Spirit Network online marketing services
We consider ourselves “mindful marketers” as we  take a slow, deliberate and thoughtfully considered approach to online and content marketing for small businesses and solopreneurs.


Our Membership Pricing Packages Include:

  • expert SEO,
  • SEO keyword research,
  • a 1 page SEO loaded website inside of the network online business directory,
  • A comprehensive content marketin strategy for small businesssocial media sharing,
  • Facebook ad campaign and lead generation marketing,
  • video marketing,
  • lead magnet development,
  • email marketing automation connection  and
  • SEM content marketing strategies.high open

All of this is also know as a “sales funnel” in online marketing land.



In this case study review, we are demonstrating:

  • Early signs of page #1 Google search results.
  • Results of highly targeted advertising, meaning we are reaching the right audience, based on our high relevancy scores on Facebook and and click rates in our member’s email automation stream
  • Excellent cost per lead, exceeding our expectations for this early in the game.
  • High appointment scheduling rate.
  • Fast return on investment in only 7 weeks.
  • Positive signs of buy in to the member’s offering and significant referral business as well (according to the member).


Here’s the member’s email to me the day I gave the case study:

Hi Liz!
I tried to call you on my way home yesterday evening around 5:20 but couldn’t get through. Seems like ages since we’ve connected. Things are going SO great. The readings are going great. Many people are extending their time with me in the 15 minute readings and many others are scheduling follow ups. My schedule is staying busy and I couldn’t be happier. I owe it all to you. You can most definitely use me as a case study. I also gave your info to a woman I read for yesterday. Her name is Noel S. Her husband Dick is a chiropractor back east…NY I think. Anthony William recommends him in his book. He is in need of some marketing help. Hope they get in touch with you.

Let’s try to talk sometime soon. Tomorrow would be good for me…today is booked up.

Do you need anything more from me with the infertility stuff? I did an infertility reading last week…it went great and I’ve since read for 3 of her family members. Was I supposed to do a thank you video for that?


Get to know our featured network member, Certified Medical Medium, Holly Scalmanini L.Ac., here.

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