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Life Navigation© is a complete positive psychology certification program consisting of 9 video-based masterclasses that teach science-based, effective strategies to practitioners who want to grow their expertise and make a bigger impact on the lives of their clients. During this program, you will master an intuitive coaching method, giving you the essential skills to apply positive psychology and increase the well-being of the people you work with.

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The Life Navigational© Masterclass from is a comprehensive toolkit designed for practitioners in psychology, life coaching, and other related professions. It aims to facilitate their client’s personal development and well-being.

The purpose of this set is to provide evidence-based resources that can be utilized to enhance the practice of helping individuals navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

The background context for such a product stems from the positive psychology movement, which focuses on the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

This approach emphasizes well-being, personal growth, and cultivating positive experiences, traits, and states. As such, the Life Navigational© Masterclass includes activities, exercises, and informational materials geared toward these objectives.

The Life Navigation Masterclass Modules for Intuitive Coaching Certification Include:

The Life Navigation Masterclass Modules for Intuitive Coaching Certificatio

Intuitive Coaching Training Modules


Introduction to Positive Psychology - Intuitive Coaching CertificationIntroduction to Positive Psychology:

The initial segment of the Life Navigational Box Set is titled “Introduction to Positive Psychology.” This foundational module delves into the essential inquiries that established positive psychology as a distinct discipline.

It explores the core concepts and pivotal questions that form the bedrock of this field, which seeks to understand what constitutes and contributes to the optimal functioning of individuals and communities.

In this introductory section, learners will gain insight into the origins and evolution of positive psychology, examining the essential elements that differentiate it from traditional psychological approaches. The focus is on identifying and leveraging the strengths and virtues that enable people to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

Through this exploration, the module sets the stage for the subsequent tools and strategies presented in the box set, all aimed at enhancing well-being and personal growth.


Balancing Lifes Domains - Intuitive Life CoachingBalancing Life Domains
Learn how to help balance the main areas of functioning in an individual’s life.

This module provides a deep dive into maintaining equilibrium across the critical facets of one’s existence. It offers guidance on fostering stability between personal fulfillment, career obligations, social connections, and physical well-being.

Throughout this masterclass, learners will acquire practical techniques to support others in allocating their resources—time, energy, and attention—across life’s domains.

The overarching aim is to cultivate a well-rounded lifestyle that allows for professional success without compromising personal health, relationships, and enjoyment of life’s pleasures. Achieving such balance is critical to enhancing life satisfaction and building resilience, contributing to a more harmonious and rewarding life journey.


Emotional Intelligence- Intuitive Training ProgramEmotional Intelligence
Help others understand and use their emotions in life-enriching ways

This segment focuses on enhancing the ability to comprehend and manage emotions effectively. It provides insights into how one can facilitate a deeper understanding of emotional dynamics in oneself and others.

In this intuitive life coaching masterclass, participants will learn about the components of emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

The curriculum is designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge and tools necessary to help their clients recognize, interpret, and respond to emotions in a way that promotes personal growth and positive interpersonal interactions.

Individuals can improve communication, conflict resolution, and overall emotional well-being by developing a higher level of emotional intelligence.


Life Navigation© is a complete positive psychology certification program


Meaning & Valued LivingMeaning & Valued Living
Guide clients to find meaning in life, discover their values, and live in alignment with them.

This segment is dedicated to assisting individuals in their quest for a purposeful existence, helping them to unearth their core values and align their lives accordingly. It emphasizes the significance of living in a manner that reflects one’s deeply held beliefs and aspirations.

In this masterclass, practitioners will be provided with methodologies and exercises designed to lead clients on a journey of self-discovery.

The content aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of what gives one’s life meaning and how to integrate those insights into daily living.

By prioritizing valued living, individuals can achieve greater unity between their actions and personal value system, resulting in a more authentic and fulfilling life experience.


The Science of Self-Acceptance Certification Training ModuleThe Science of Self-Acceptance
Teach clients how to build a compassionate and accepting relationship with the self.

This educational component is centered on cultivating a nurturing and affirmative relationship with oneself. It delves into the empirical research and psychological principles that underpin self-acceptance, providing a scientific framework for understanding its importance in mental health and well-being.

In this intuitive coaching masterclass, practitioners will gain access to evidence-based practices and interventions aimed at fostering self-compassion and acceptance among their clients. The curriculum empowers individuals to embrace their imperfections, forgive themselves for past mistakes, and appreciate their intrinsic worth. By promoting a positive self-regard, clients can develop a more resilient and supportive inner dialogue, essential for personal growth and emotional resilience.


Maximizing Strengths- coaching moduleMaximizing Strengths
Deliver high-quality personal strength-development training and intuitive coaching training.

This part of the series provides top-tier training and coaching focused on enhancing and applying personal strengths. It explores how individuals can achieve significant success and fulfillment by identifying and leveraging their talents and abilities.

In this masterclass, educators and life coaches will be presented with methodologies and tools designed to help clients pinpoint their innate strengths and learn how to apply them effectively in various aspects of life.

The content is structured to encourage a strengths-based approach to personal development, which can lead to increased confidence, productivity, and overall well-being.

By building upon one’s strengths rather than solely addressing weaknesses, individuals can create a more positive and empowering path for growth and achievement.

The Life Navigation© Masterclass Series a Professional Certification Program for Intuitive Coaching Training


Realizing Resilience - Life Coach Training ModuleRealizing Resilience
Offer your clients a clear pathway to becoming more resilient and mentally tough with intuitive life coaching skills.

This segment is designed to chart a course for individuals to strengthen their resilience and fortify their mental toughness. It focuses on imparting strategies to withstand and adapt to life’s adversities and stressors.

This masterclass will introduce Educators and intuitive coaches to evidence-based techniques and principles to build psychological resilience.

The content aims to guide clients in developing the capacity to recover from setbacks, adapt to change, and maintain a positive outlook despite challenges.

By enhancing resilience, individuals can bounce back from difficulties and grow and thrive in the face of them, leading to improved well-being and a more robust approach to life’s ups and downs.


Intuitive traing module for building Positive RelationshipsPositive Relationships
Use practical tools and intuitive coaching to help others build supportive, long-lasting relationships.

This segment equips individuals with actionable tools and strategies to cultivate and maintain nurturing, enduring relationships. It underscores the importance of forming social connections that are both supportive and sustainable.

In this masterclass, educators and coaches will be introduced to techniques that clients can learn to help them forge stronger bonds with others.

The content enhances communication skills, deepens empathy, and fosters mutual understanding and respect.

By applying these practical tools, individuals can improve their interpersonal dynamics, leading to more fulfilling and resilient relationships in their personal and professional lives.


Intuitive Life Coaching Training Module: Motivation & Goal AchievementMotivation & Goal Achievement
Give your clients the tools to achieve meaningful success with motivation and goal setting.

This intuitive life coaching certification segment is focused on empowering individuals with the necessary tools to realize significant accomplishments through cultivating motivation and effective goal-setting techniques.

It emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s efforts with one’s aspirations to achieve desired outcomes.

In this masterclass, educators and coaches will provide a framework for teaching clients to set clear, actionable goals and maintain the drive required to pursue them.

The content includes strategies for overcoming obstacles, sustaining motivation over time, and creating a roadmap for success.

By applying these principles, individuals can enhance their ability to achieve their objectives, leading to a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their personal and professional lives.

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