Highly Sensitive Persons: Learn How to Love Yourself & Be Confident


An online HSP Program Designed to Help You Understand Yourself Better and Love Yourself First as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Julie-Bjelland-HSP therapist- HSP program HSP training onlineDo you experience high stress, anxiety, and feel overwhelmed often? What if your sensitivity could be your greatest strength?

It can be hard to love who you are as a highly sensitive person when you are struggling to live in a world not set up for your sensitivities. I know, because that used to be my experience too and that is a really hard way to live.

But the trait of high sensitivity exists for a reason. It evolved as a survival strategy of the population and is essential for communities to thrive. Most of our challenges as highly sensitive people can be drastically reduced when we understand what we need to thrive.

When you learn how to love yourself and be confident and you are caring for yourself in the right ways, you access your gifts. We need highly sensitive people showing up fully embracing their gifts and sharing them with the world.

You are gifted and needed.

My goal for this online HSP program and training course is to help you truly understand yourself and get to know what helps you become the best version of yourself so you can Bloom Brilliantly in the world and in your life.

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Learn How to Love Yourself & Be Confident as an HSP- Highly Sensitive Person

Julie Bjelland highly sensitive persons therapist and brain training specialistAfter years of researching and working with HSPs from all over the world, I know the path to take to help you bloom brilliantly and this course will walk you to that path. —Julie Bjelland HSP Therapist and Consultant

Check out our High Vibe Tribe Interview with Julie Bjelland here.



Are you ready to bloom brilliantly?

This HSP program and online training course is self-paced so you can do it on your own time in the comfort of your own space. You can even take it while you are still in your pajamas!

What Can You Gain From This Course?

  • Cultivate self -understanding and how to love yourself first as an HSPFinally cultivating self-understanding and the tools for how to balance your sensitive nervous system so you can thrive in a non-sensitive world.

  • Normalize and validate your experience as an HSP highly sensitive person so you can understand how valuable you are!

  • Develop healthy friendships with other HSPs who are kind, caring,  supportive, and positive influences on your life.

  • Improve your relationships by learning healthy boundaries so you feel you are also getting your needs met.

  • Learn how to love yourself as a highly sensitive personLearn how to access the many gifts of this trait so you can accomplish everything you want in this lifetime!

  • Access your inner strength and resiliency.

  • Learn how to love yourself and be confident to live your life fully and accomplish your goals.

  • Develop the highest version of yourself that allows you to truly help others and make the world a better place.

  • Learn how to live your life with purpose with a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

  • Develop self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-love.

  • Learn how to be a compassionate and supportive person to yourself so you can get through anything no matter how hard it is.

Learn self understanding and compassion as an HSP


HSP Program Outline

Written Materials and Videos

  • Introduction

  • About Me, Julie Bjelland

    • Learn more about my story as a highly sensitive person and how I went from barely getting through the day to living my life to the fullest.

  • Prepping for the HSP Training

    • I walk you through the steps of this course and prep you for your new, improved life of self-understanding and learning how to love yourself and be confident!

  • Understanding the HSP Trait

    • You’ll understand this trait in a way you might never have before and that in itself will help you to finally understand yourself.

  • Your Sensitive Nervous System “Container”

    • Understanding your nervous system is key to creating a life that supports you to thrive.

  • Understanding Energy Points

    • If you had 100 points of energy for the day, where do those energy points go for a highly sensitive person? You will get to know what drains energy so you can build a roadmap for what ideally supports your system.

  • Clearing Negative Energy

    • As an HSP you can be like a sponge soaking in other people’s negative or toxic energy, which can damage your well-being and your health. Without self-understanding of how to protect, preserve, and separate your energy, you might be absorbing energy that is adding to your stress and anxiety and even health issues! Learn some methods that help HSPs release negative energy and protect their own energy.

  • Slow Your Motor and Restore Your Energy Points

    • Learning how to protect your energy and restore your energy points is an amazing skill to develop as an HSP. It allows you to feel more in control of your experience in life and opens up ways you can intentionally support and optimize your system.

  • Improving Sleep

    • Having good sleep is especially essential for HSPs and understanding how to support your system to improve sleep will be a big part in thriving! You will learn what specifically supports sleep for HSPs.

  • Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Relationships

    • It can be common for HSPs to have a hard time setting boundaries in relationships, which can set us up to be vulnerable to unhealthy friendships and relationships. Learning how to establish healthy boundaries and learning how to love yourself first  is key to improving relationships.

  • Advocating for Your Needs

    • Because 80% of the world experiences things differently than we do, we sometimes need to advocate for our needs in relationships, at work, and even with our medical and mental health team. You’ll learn an effective communication tool that works really well for HSPs! Imagine being able to state your needs AND get them met in a confident way!

  • Recommended Daily Tools

    • In this section, you’ll have easy access to all the daily tools I recommend for HSPs that work the best.

  • Learn Natural Alternatives and Supplements from HSP Practitioners

    • I’ve gathered some of my favorite HSP practitioners to teach you about natural remedies and supplements to support your well-being and health.

    • Dr. Julia Hipp Shares Important Information to Understand About Your Sensitive Nervous System

    • Natural Herbs for HSPs Recommended by Herbalist Natalia Karoway

    • Bach Flower Remedies for HSPs by Psychologist and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner Oraine Ramoo

  • Learn How to Love Yourself and Live a Meaningful Life

    • Learn to recognize the strengths within you. Keep sharpening and practicing your new HSP tools. Develop a personal and customized plan for your well-being, and choose a life that feels most meaningful to you where you can truly thrive and share your gifts with the world.



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