Online Medicinal Plants Class: How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution with David Crow

How medicinal plants can fuel your spiritual evolution

We’re used to thinking of plants as “things” rather than living, sentient beings that are connected in profound ways to the health of our bodies, minds and souls.

But what if plants — with all their health-giving effects and amazing diversity of expression — hold the key not just to our health but to our spiritual evolution?

This idea is not as new as you might think, as it’s been part of ancient systems of natural medicine from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine. Plants affect our life force and connect us physically with the raw energy of the sun.

The fascinating and powerful relationship between plants and spiritual evolution is the passion of Floracopeia founder David Crow, who is brilliant on this subject.

I am excited to invite you to a FREE virtual event with David called, How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality.

This is a great way to get to know your teacher, Plant Medicine Pioneer, and Master Herbalist and Founder of Floeacopeia, David Crow L.Ac. Expand your horizons beyond the internet and to dip your toes into the plant medicine waters before diving all the way in.



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How medicinal plants can fuel your spiritual evolutionIf you’ve ever marveled at the peaceful beauty of a garden or been grateful for a herb that brought you healing or wondered how to harness the power of essential oils, you’ll be excited by David’s insights into the plant-human connection.  

During this virtual event, you’ll:

For more than 30 years, David Crow has pioneered a path that is about harnessing the power of plants to infuse more intelligence in your body, mind, and soul — giving you more organic wisdom and sustainable connection with life.

He unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices into a coherent understanding that will show you how to relate more deeply with medicinal plants for rejuvenation, awakening, and health.

And as I mentioned, the great news is that this virtual event is free!



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