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The Practical and Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success Online Group Program 

➣ Are you an excellent Holistic Practitioner, Psychotherapist, or Mission-Inspired Entrepreneur, but struggle to magnetize enough clients to achieve financial success?

➣ Do you want to avoid the stress of competing in the marketplace, and instead be confident about serving others with Your Unique Offerings?

➣ Even if you are a true introvert, you can learn inspiring, non-sales-y and effective ways to enroll clients and prosper in your business.



Early Bird Price: $797

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5-in-5 Business Success Program with Johanna Alper
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Total $797.00 USD
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Johanna Alper of Medicine Buddha Coaching: Online Workshop to Grow YOur HOlistic Health or Psychotherapy Practice: Arttract 8 Clients in 8 Weeks Workshop

At the end of this 5 Week Program, you will:

➣  Become more authentically visible in the marketplace

➣  Attract and serve more clients

➣  Receive financial success in a way that’s congruent with your values and your mission

➣ In essence, you will be able to stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from and truly enjoy what you do.

Here’s what one of my participants said:

“Even though my work is excellent, before working with Johanna, I was scared, frustrated and worrying about finances. The week after I did the Branding with Archetypes Workshop I magnetized 5 new clients into my Cranio-Sacral and Massage practice. Inless than 5 months, I more than tripled the return on my investment in Johanna’s Ignite Your Business private premium program. I could not have done this without your help. I highly recommend anyone in a healing practice to work with Johanna.”

Chris Capitelli, Louisville, CO,


Get to Know Holistic Business Coach, Johanna Alper and The 5 Magical Nature Elements for Your Business Success Here:



I want to teach you (and your business) to thrive, and not just to survive… through the

The Practical & Magical 5 ELEMENTS OF


You see, all organisms including your business need the Magical 5 Elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

For the past 38 years, I have had a successful 5 Element acupuncture and teaching business, and I have spent years studying businesses and how the Magical 5 Element system can support our success as holistic practitioners.

We will apply Nature’s Magical 5 Elements to your business success:


The Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success System


The Fire Element represents your personal branding efforts and building your brand marketingModule 1: THE FIRE ELEMENT

Ignite the Heart FIRE of Your Business and to help you become visible:

➣ Identify Your Unique Brilliance so you can Shine brightly in your special way

➣ Learn how to share your genuine spirit, passion and personality into your marketing.

➣ Crystalize your unique personal brand: find and align with your brand archetype, allow it to empower your messaging, style, and communication with potential clients.

The Earth Element in building your business represents identifying your target market and customer AvatarModule 2: THE EARTH ELEMENT

Just like Mother Earth serves us, support your clients by creating transformational group experiences that go beyond session by session marketing:

➣ First, Define your niche by becoming crystal clear on

– Your ideal clients and their struggles

– What problems you help them solve

➣ Secondly, learn the systems to leverage your time and energy in group and premium individual programs

➣ And finally, expand your income by adding working with clients in a group setting to deeply serve their transformation

Understanding how to build a business as it pertains to The Metal Element is understanding your Money ArchetypeModule 3 – THE METAL ELEMENT

Learn to attract financial abundance: 

➣ Shed unconscious blind-spots that block you from receiving financial abundance

➣ Experience the healing power of releasing guilt, shame or resentment about money. (Freeing yourself of this will help you attract more abundance.)

➣ Learn to create a new money story and give yourself permission to receive more.

The Water Element in how to build your business represents business systems and business processes as they relate to the sustainability of your businessModule 4: THE WATER ELEMENT:

Learn to build your business sustain-ably and without burnout.

The water is associated with the energetic ebbs and flows of your business, and also the necessary winter season of stillness and deep rest. 

➣ Master balancing your personal and business life by learning to relax deeply  so you can be rejuvenated, excited, creative, and productive in your business

➣ Create more time by learning to do less and accomplish more

➣  Learn the importance of immersing deeply in one area of marketing rather than being scattered, overwhelmed and unfocused.  I will help you pick the best one for you such as  Speaking, Facebook lives, a Blog or Workshops

The-Wood-Element-in-Your-BUsiess-represents-your-sales-and-Marketing-conversationsModule 5: THE WOOD ELEMENT

Just like a little acorn has the ability to burst into a giant oak tree, your business, too, has the potential to grow and manifest miraculous success.
Make quantum leaps in your business:

➣ Develop a powerful vision, strong plan, and the ability to prioritize the right decisions

➣ Make quantum leaps in your business by implementing your plan of action and inviting people to work with you.

➣ Learn the non-aggressive sales techniques of The Four Noble Truths of Transformational Marketing Invitations.  Then you can educate prospective clients as a partner, not a salesperson… and you can turn sales conversations into heart-full communication and enrollments.

What Others Are Saying:


“The Very Best Marketing Training I have ever had!”


“At the Branding with Archetypes workshop, Johanna’s wise guidance and challenging but do-able exercises provided a crucial foundation for next steps. This was deeply satisfying, inspiring, and helpful in a way that nothing else ever has been.”

— Pat Roe, Ph.D., CO


Fun, Unique, Inspiring, of Great Value


“Johanna’s 5 Elements of Transformational Marketing Conversations workshop to the Zero Balancing Structural Acupressure Community was of great value and very well received. I found it fun, unique and inspiring, and it has re-energized my approach to marketing my work with potential clients.”

— Patrick Dorsey, LMT ZBHA Faculty,  Co-Chair


Attract 5 Clients in 5 Weeks Online Program Investment:

Full price – $1,597


Early Bird Price: $797

Where: Online over Zoom from the comfort of your pj’s

NEED A PAYMENT PLAN? Make 2 Easy Payments Here:

5-in-5 Business Success Program with Johanna Alper
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $398.50 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1) $398.50 USD
Total $797.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Full Price After November 4th – $1,597 


– Two 45 minute coaching calls with me – we will examine your specific vision, marketing challenges, what’s holding you back, and help you gain clarity in your next steps forward. – Value – $500

 – Heart-Full Enrollment  Invitations Script  – Value – $300

– Your Unique Archetype Brand Assessment – Value – $400

Total Value of Bonuses Included – $1,200

Begin attracting clients immediately with your special bonuses. Enroll today and jump on your first call with me to get started this week. 

With the same magical and loving vision and spirit that called and inspired you to become a healer or change maker, you can become financially successful and create the world you dream of for yourself, your loved ones, and your community. 

Special Fast Action Bonus:

Successful Leaders take Bold Action.

If you register by October 31st, in addition to the bonuses, you can choose either a:

– Sacred Money Archetypes In-Depth Reading or

– Money Breakthrough Method Reading (you get to choose!)

These 45-minute private sessions help you Bridge Personal and Spiritual Growth with Practical Financial Success and understand your unique personal financial DNA code. You get to dissolve old past contracts that keep you from your Power and Prosperity and replace it with a  New Money Story. – Value – $147

What Past Clients Say:

“The principles brought forth in this organic translation of the 5 Elements into a business model and everyday life are truly brilliant. Johanna’s radiant love for her work is apparent and contagious.I can still feel the shift gently rippling through me.”

–Mal B., LPC

(Thanks for the magical “From the Cushion Into the Marketplace 5 Elements Training.”

Now I know exactly who my ideal clients are, what they value in my services, and what language to use when connecting with them. I feel so much more confident – like I can step forward into success.” — Catherine Morgan, CO


Register today to get all the bonuses and your best value!

Early Bird Price by November 4th -$797

Use My Easy Payment Plan!

5-in-5 Business Success Program with Johanna Alper
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $398.50 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1) $398.50 USD
Total $797.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Johanna Alper Heart Centered Entrepreneur and Business Strategy ConsultantAbout Holistic Business Coach Johanna Alper, B.Ac.:

Johanna is the Healer’s Coach, assists holistic practitioners, coaches, and therapists in a powerful and proven 5 Element system to attract, serve more clients, and prosper. She has had a busy and successful 5 Element Classical Acupuncture and teaching business for over 37 years. She began business coaching after being heartbroken witnessing excellent acupuncture students she’d help train having difficulty creating successful practices.  She understands your sensitivity as a healer, and is dedicated to helping you become the Transformational Teacher/Leader that you are and that this world is calling for. Her forthcoming book is: Gateways to Joy: the Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success. 

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Full Price After November 4th – $1,597

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are payment plans available? – Yes, payment plan above! See plan above.
  2. What if I have already had a Branding with Archetypes or 5 Element workshop with Johanna in the past? –  Because you and your business develop and change over time, your Unique Archetypal brand can also be updated.  A refresher is a perfect path to truly receive the power of your archetypes for marketing success. A one day workshop is an excellent beginning, but many people need the power and magic of further support and mentoring in order to shift old negative mindsets, and implement the new mindsets and behaviors to move forward to success. I will provide further guidance, support, mentoring, and accountability for you to achieve success, which will be further augmented by the magical power of the group field.
  3. Will I be able to have a “Buddy” to help me? – Yes. Besides my teaching and mentoring and the uplifted group spirit energy, and feedback, you can choose to have a “Buddy” who will add another layer of support, accountability, and joyous momentum for success.
  4. How much time per week will I need to allocate to do the work of this program? –  Aside from the weekly 90-minute coaching calls, and the 3 “Get It Done” sessions, you can work on your own time to complete the coursework and network as needed. A Focused  hour per day can provide excellent  results.   The more you put into the training, the more you will get out of it.

“I paid a “branding expert” ten times the cost of this training, and I got more marketing help from Johanna.” 

Susan B., psychologist

“I am so grateful to have Johanna as my coach, teacher and guide. Doing the deep work in uncovering my branding and money archetypes and signature system has been priceless”

–Jane Morba, N.J.

“In Less than Four Months my Practice has Doubled!

Medicine Buddha Coaching is unlike any other marketing program I have encountered. Working with Johanna is a delightful adventure of surprises and self-discovery. Her insights and the exercises have sparked numerous ah-ha’s to help me clarify and energize my spiritual bodywork practice. She helped me shift my frame to honor my gifts and self-expression in the context of being a spiritual teacher. All in all, the process was respectful and delightful, inspiring me to lighten up and to light up. And in less than four months my practice doubled!” — Chris A., N.Y. Transformational BodyWorker

In a heart-full and non-sales-y way you can learn to attract the people who are genuinely looking for you!

Where will you be three months from now if you do the same thing you’ve always been doing?



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