Discover the Healing Power of Zang Fu Gong, an Empowering Form of Qigong

Discover Zang Fu Gong Qigong with Daisy Lee Qigong Master for Women

Discover an empowering form of Qigong, known as Zang Fu Gong QiGong, and embark on a journey of radiant health with renowned teacher Daisy Lee Qigong Master

You will be introduced to the healing power of Zang Fu Gong, how to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, strengthen your immunity, and reach your ideal body weight through QiGong with Daisy Lee Qigong Master for women.



Discover the healing power of Zang Fu Gong, an empowering form of Qigong with Daisy Lee QiGong Master for WomenThe rhythms of modern life mean most of us spend a LOT of time sitting — only rarely putting our bodies in motion, engaging our creative muscles, or caring for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

And for many of us, life’s general stressors are at an all-time high, which can lead to a sense of stagnation — not just within your body, but in your mind too.

If you’re ready to release pent-up stress and transform it into healing Qi — to promote your body’s health and wellbeing — I have a special invitation for you…

Celebrated Qigong teacher and author Daisy Lee will introduce you to Zang Fu Gong QiGong, a graceful, empowering form of Qigong, renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating powers…

You can reserve your complimentary space for Qigong to Cleanse Your Organs for Better Health & Energy Flow: Receive Two Zang Fu Gong Practices to Bring Healing Energy to Your Liver & Lungs, here:

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Strengthen your immunity and reach your ideal body weight through Zang Fu Gong QIgong

For thousands of years, practitioners of Zang Fu Gong have reported a variety of noticeable health benefits, including stronger immunity, less downtime during illnesses, more emotional stability, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, improved circulation, more energy, greater intuition, and so much more…

During This One-hour Special Zang Fu Gong QiGong video event, you’ll:

  • Discover the healing power of Zang Fu Gong, an empowering form of QigongParticipate in a guided body scan — starting with a series of questions from Daisy Lee, QiGong Master, to help you tune in to YOUR body from head to toe
  • Let go of pent-up anger that may be building up in your liver with a specific Zang Fu Gong exercise designed to expel stagnant Qi out of your body and restore you to a calm and peaceful sate
  • Release grief and other painful emotions connected to your lungs as Daisy demonstrates another powerful Zang Fu Gong exercise
  • Identify the root emotional issues causing blocked energy in your body that can lead to the specific health problems you’re facing
  • Zero in on the ways you’re experiencing blocked energy as a result of the stressors all around you
  • Receive a calming practice to bring you into vertical alignment; you’ll become better connected to your own body AND more grounded to the earth as you focus on a starpoint in the sky

More than anything, you’ll see how YOU can take responsibility for your own care and wellbeing… all with a gentle, effective practice that’s easy to incorporate into your daily life.

In a world where so much is out of your control, making small but significant changes remains a powerful way to make meaningful and lasting transformations to your health and happiness — and Daisy will show you how to get started.

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