The Journey to Removing Your Heart Wall: A Transformational Experience for Healing and Wholeness



Welcome to Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast blog, where we delve into the fascinating topic of the Emotion Code heart wall.

Did you know that an astonishing 93% of the global population has a heart wall?

In this episode, we explore the insights shared by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a renowned expert in bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology. Join us as we discover the significance of this heart wall and how it affects our well-being. Moreover, we will delve into personal experiences and explore the process of dismantling this energetic barrier.

Let’s embark on a journey to unveil the secrets of the Emotion Code heart wall and its profound impact on our lives.

What is The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson? Get even more details and resources here.

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Emotion Code Heart Wall Episode Overview:

Discover the heart wall. It's 93% likely you have one!In Episode 130, our host of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness podcast, Liz Gracia, shares her encounters with removing the heart wall and her transformative journey of breaking down this energetic fortress.

Liz’s exploration began after stumbling upon Dr. Bradley Nelson’s groundbreaking work,  calibrated and proven to be of higher consciousness according to, which shed light on the heart wall phenomenon. Dr. Nelson suggests that only young children, who have yet to accumulate emotional baggage, are {seemingly} exempt from having a heart wall. Intrigued, Liz embarked on her healing journey, documenting her experience in four heart wall removal sessions conducted by a Certified Emotion Code practitioner she found through a simple Google search { Lee Mudro } in December 2022.

Discover the Emotion Code®

We all want to feel good, be happy, and enjoy life…

Yet it’s part of being human to suffer physical ailments, emotional upheavals, material depletions such as financial woes, and spiritual and soul-related “droughts” that tap our creative juices and zest for life.

If not addressed, the difficult feelings we generate due to these challenges can get the best of us, escalating over time into chronic illnesses, long-term depression, anxiety disorders, soul loss, and more.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, an internationally renowned medical intuitive, healer, and teacher, unfelt, unacknowledged, and unreleased emotions are at the core of most of our body’s imbalances — and in the case of pain, they’re behind 90 percent of symptoms.

Join Dr. Brad as he introduces you to the Emotion Code®, an approach to energy healing that taps into your subconscious to locate and move stuck emotional energies from your body quickly and easily.

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What is the Heart Wall?

Before diving into the details of today’s featured podcast episode, let’s define the “heart wall” according to Dr. Bradley Nelson, bestselling author of The Emotion Code & The Body Code.

Dr. Bradley NelsonAccording to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code heart wall is an energetic barrier that forms around the heart due to trapped emotions. Dr. Nelson, a prominent bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology expert, has extensively researched and explored this concept and mapped out the trapped emotions and his self-healing and self-care process.

He suggests that approximately 93% of the global population has a heart wall, with only young children being exempt from its formation due to their limited life experiences.

The Emotion Code heart wall is believed to be a protective mechanism of your subconscious mind that develops when individuals experience emotional traumas, stress, or negative experiences throughout their lives. If not properly processed and released, these emotions can become trapped and stored within the energetic field surrounding the heart.

This energetic barrier acts as a defense mechanism, shielding the individual from further emotional harm. However, over time, the heart wall can impede emotional expression, hinder the ability to form deep connections with others and contribute to physical and emotional imbalances.

Manual Muscle Testing to Get at Emotional Root Cause of Pain with Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code offers a holistic approach to releasing these trapped emotions and dismantling the heart wall. Through muscle testing and a series of specific techniques, practitioners of the Emotion Code aim to identify and release these trapped emotions, restoring energetic balance and promoting emotional well-being.

By removing the heart wall, individuals may experience increased emotional freedom, improved relationships, enhanced physical health, and greater overall well-being. Dismantling the heart wall involves identifying and releasing trapped emotions one by one until the energetic barrier is fully dissolved.

The Body Code- Unlocking Your Body's Ability to Heal Itself by Dr. Bradley NelsonDr. Bradley Nelson’s work on the Emotion Code and the heart wall has gained recognition for its potential to support emotional healing and personal transformation. Many individuals have reported significant improvements in their emotional state, relationships, and overall quality of life by removing their heart walls using the Emotion Code techniques. (Watch my real-life demo session on YouTube where Linda Armstrong and I unravel blocks to financial abundance here.)

It is important to note that the Emotion Code heart wall is a concept within energy healing and alternative therapies. While it has gained popularity and positive testimonials, its understanding and acceptance may vary among individuals and healthcare professionals.

Consciousness calibrations reveal the truth and proven power in consciousness of The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

What is The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson? Get even more details and resources here.

Key Heart Wall Discussion Points:

  1. The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley NelsonUnderstanding the Energy (consciousness calibrations)  and Power of The Emotion Code:
    Liz revisits the concepts and power behind The Emotion Code, providing insights into the energy and calibrations involved. This technique forms the foundation for dismantling the heart wall and releasing trapped emotions.
  2. The Process of Releasing Trapped Emotions in the Heart Wall: Liz shares her personal encounters with the heart wall removal process, highlighting her experiences over the four sessions. By delving into her journey, she provides a relatable and informative account of what individuals can expect during their own healing process.
  3. Healing for Ancestors and Future Generations: Trapped emotions are personal and can be inherited from our ancestors, impacting our emotional well-being. Liz explores the significance of releasing these trapped emotions for our healing and the betterment of future generations.
  4. Taking down the heart wall is a good thing, but how?Personal Transformation and Ongoing Experiences: With vulnerability and authenticity, Liz shares her experiences dismantling her heart wall and the subsequent effects she has witnessed. She provides valuable insights into the ongoing healing process and its potential long-term benefits.
  5. Recommendations for Heart Wall Removal: Given the importance of this process, Liz passionately recommends heart wall removal to the 93% of individuals who are likely to have a heart wall. By shedding light on her journey, she encourages others to embark on this path to healing and wholeness.
  6. True Stories of Healing: Liz shares four compelling stories of individuals who have experienced the heart wall removal process and witnessed its transformative effects to provide a broader perspective. These stories offer valuable insights and inspiration for those considering their own journey toward emotional well-being.


Discover the doorway to emotional freedomEmbarking on a journey to remove your heart wall can be a life-changing experience. As Liz Gracia shares her personal encounters and the profound impact of dismantling her heart wall, you’ll gain valuable insights into this therapeutic process. By releasing trapped emotions and embracing emotional freedom, you can pave the way for personal growth and healing for yourself and future generations.

So, join us in exploring the mysteries of the heart wall and discover the incredible potential within you.

Check out our Emotion Code & Body Code Playlist on YouTube. I team up with Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner Linda Armstrong as we unravel issues within the body. and individual consciousness.

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