Wheel of Life Assessment:
Where Are You In All of This?

Did you know you can take a wheel of life assessment and assess your whole work life balance situation? It’s actually quite fun and it can give you a lot of insight as to which areas of life are lacking in love, joy and peace. Life has become so busy that it is hard to find that work life balance. And when we focus too much energy in only a few areas the others start to become difficult and will actually drag you down in the very area that you are so focused on. It benefits us to have balance in all 8 areas of life. This is the way to feel peace and to create more fun in life which of course brings in more love.

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How’s Your Work Life Balance Working For You?

Work life balance tips
As a Transformation Coach I see how my clients struggle with finding a work life balance. Much of the time it stems from not having a clear idea of exactly what they want in each area of life. They will be so focused on the one or two big goals, or areas of life, that they have and the rest starts to crumble.

With my wheel of life assessment you will see if your ride through life is smooth or if you are hitting bumps all along your path.

Here’s some work life balance tips:

In order to have true work life balance, you must address each of these key areas in the Wheel of Life:

  1. PHYSICAL: Health and Fitness
  2. FINANCIAL: Work and Career
  3. FAMILY: Home and Extended
  4. EMOTIONAL: Control and Development
  5. MENTAL: Creativity and Education
  6. LIFE PURPOSE: Community and Contribution
  7. RELATIONSHIPS: Love and Social
  8. SPIRITUALITY: Development

Take my “Eagle’s” wheel of life assessment today, and find out what areas of your life need balance. It’s fun and informative!

Is your personal wheel of life taking you on a smooth ride, or a bumpy ride?

The wheel of life.pdf is just one tool that I like to work with to help people to take a broader look at their life and their work life balance. Additionally, I have developed a 6 Step Process that uses the wheels of life to assist you to get clear on what you desire in all 8 areas of life. When you take the time to look at each area of life, and evaluate where you are with each, it can be quite eye opening.

What Can You Do When the Laws of Attraction Are NOT  Working in Your Favor?

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What I love about being a Life Coach is that I get to witness the personal growth and development that my clients achieve. This is what brings so much love into my life. I work with them to clear the energy that is holding them back from the manifestation they long for in life. To manifest your desires you need to develop a growth mindset.

Along with all the energy clearing I do for you, I will coach you with Law of Attraction processes to teach you how to change your life, and how to achieve a growth mindset. This way you can actively each day apply these processes to manifest your desires.

Have you heard enough because you LOVE Linda as much as we do?
If  you want to take advantage of Linda’s limited offer to Mind Body Spirit Network readers only
of a 30 minute energy healing, clearing and coaching session  for only $47.
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Once the energy clearing is done, you are set up to actively work each day on the manifestation of all that you want in life. You will be excited to apply these law of attraction processes because as you learn how to change your life, you will be doing exactly that… Changing your life.

You will bring in more peace, love and joy to each day. The law of attraction is always working, it never stops. So it’s best to know how to work with law of attraction to manifest your desired life. it’s time for you to take the drivers seat of your own personal growth and development.

Wheel of Life

The wheels of life keep on turning…

It is one things to desire for change to occur in your life, but a totally exhilarating thing as you witness the change. And that is what it is all about. Clearing energy that blocks you from creating real change in your life as you manifest what you desire.

You are a Spiritual Being, and Energy Being, your body is your vehicle on this planet, in this life! Clear the energy that is holding you back, learn what steps you can take to manifest a life you LOVE living. Bring in more peace, love and happiness to every step along your journey.

I invite you to take my Wheel of Life Assessment and see what areas of life need paying attention to.

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Linda Armstrong Certified ThetaHealing & GATE Method facilitatorPeace, Love & Light,


Linda Armstrong Certified Transformation Coach & Energy Healer

Linda Armstrong dba Pure Love Energy, LLC provides Individual Transformation Life Coaching as a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach, Certified Energy Healing via ThetaHealing® Technique & The GATE Method, as well as Guided Meditation and Personal Development Services  to some or all of the following local areas: Tenafly New Jersey, Englewood New Jersey, Bergenfield New Jersey, Cresskill New Jersey, Piermont New York, Tappan New York and Nyack New York.

Services are also available via phone conferencing and/or video conferencing for clients outside our local area.

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