Hay House Summit You Can Heal Your Life Summit Four FREE Lessons plus Louise hay's Movie

The Hay House You Can Heal Your Life Summit 2020 kicks off with 4 FREE lessons!  Discover terrific insights from Gabrielle Bernstein, Anthony William, Mike Dooley, Christiane Northrup, M.D., and Meggan Watterson

Explore 4 FREE Preview Lessons + Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life Movie

Lousie Hay HOuse Heal Your Life Summit FounderAt this time, the world is experiencing an unprecedented level of fear and uncertainty.

Now is the time to look within and meditate on how we can be a brighter light in the world.

It’s time to awaken your divine gifts, listen to your intuition, and work to manifest the abundance you need.

And one of my favorite annual traditions for doing that is with Hay House’s You Can Heal Your Life Summit 2020, starting April 30th.

This free event features over 100 hours of inspiring teachings to help you grow spiritually, meditate, set intentions, become a high performer, improve your memory, and more.

And, you can join now for FREE instant access to four preview lessons from Gabrielle Bernstein, Anthony William, Mike Dooley, Christiane Northrup, M.D., and Meggan Watterson.

PLUS—watch Louise Hay’s iconic You Can Heal Your Life movie instantly when you sign up.

For 17 days, Hay House brings you wisdom from 83 of the world’s greatest teachers and healers—from April 30 to May 16.

If you’ve never experienced a Hay House Summit, you’re in for a treat! 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW. Beginning April 30, you can begin watching and listening to all 90 lessons from the comfort of your own home—while resting, cooking, or taking a walk through the neighborhood.


Everyday Tools for Everydat Living at the Hay HOuse you Can Heal Your life Summit 2020What past attendees had to say about the You Can Heal Your Life Summits…

“I can’t quantify the joy this has brought me.”  Sheryl R.

“What a precious gift. It’s bringing back my happiness!” Constance Z.

“The most powerful healing I’ve ever had!” Davina K.

“Absolutely brilliant! I was hanging on every word.” Beth R.


This is your chance to get amazing wisdom and extraordinary tools for living your best life.


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