So You Don’t Have to Watch Through the Whole Training Video, Here’s Where You Can Find Specific Training:

00:00- 29:00 minutes: How to basics including adding an image.

12:00 minutes: How to add an image

29:10 minutes: How to add a video

32:40 minutes: How to add tags, also known as keyword phrases

34:00 minutes: Your SEO report, how to use it.

37:00 minutes: How to add your video code to your blog.

42:20 minutes: How to disable your Featured Image, when you are posting a video blog.

How to Format Your Blog Post for Search

Please note: This DOES NOT guarantee you will get found on page #1 of Google searches, but it will get you optimized for more web traffic overall.

Benefits of Blogging in The Mind Body Spirit Network:

  • Your blog post gets automatically emailed to our growing list of blog subscribers (this is different than an email subscriber). Currently our subscriber base is at 100.
  • Your Blog post gets automatically posted in some of our social media accounts including Facebook (6,800), Twitter (185), LinkedIn (2,585), LinkedIn Company(45), Google+ (121)
  • Your post is far more likely to get found, within the context of a niche community like this, due to the nature of this type of community and how search and Google works, and due to the extensive SEO work that I do in the background (linking, cross linking, building relevancy) that serves the whole community.
  • An individual website owner*, without SEO expertise, typically can’t compete for search ranking on their own. This is one major reason why I created this network.

*I have been developing and hosting websites for small business owners since 2009. The average website traffic for small business clients is 200 visits a month. The high is 500 and the low is 63 visits a month. Most clients do nothing to promote their businesses online. TMBSN currently averages 3500 visits a month.

Need Some Help with Your Blogging Efforts?
Here’s Some Add-On Services You Can Order!

Simple Blog Add on, More Exposure:

  • I create a Featured Image for You with a Catchy Title and
  • I publish your article to our Home Page, Mind Body Buzz Page, and I place your blog in 3 other relevant categories (this is a search strategy).
  • You have access to the Featured Image I create plus, when your blog post is shared in social media, you have  an image to grab people’s attention

COST: $27

Simple Blog Add-On $27

If you feel you have a really strong blog that will generate interest and leads I would recommend “beefing it up!” with one or some of the following:

Blog Social Media Image Package:

3 images in 2 formats each (you choose) Square for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram), Rectangle for Facebook & Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tall Rectangle for Pinterest.

That’s a Total of 6 Images for your use in your Social Media Efforts.

You will have access to all images to use for your own efforts.

COST: $47

Blog Social Media Images Package $47

Blog Social Media Posting Package:

I will write the SEO*, #Hashtag and marketing driven copy for your post and share your post all over TMBSN’s social media counts over the course of 3 weeks!

  1. Pinterest (20,000+ views/month and growing quickly) You will be placed in on 3 different boards per pin. That’s a total of 18 SEO relevant pins/posts.
  2. Facebook (6,800)
  3. Instagram (180 and growing)
  4. Twitter (185 and growing)
  5. LinkedIn Page (45)
  6. Google+ (125+)
  7. LinkedIn Profile Page (2,800+) but only if appropriate and relevant for this audience.

That’s a Total of 18 Pinterest positions and 15-18 more posts in the other networks.

*SEO driven posts on Pinterest and Instagram have a longer shelf life, and in fact, Pinterest posts can be found on page #1 Google searches even ahead of the blog link in TMBSN. Pinterest posts can grow over time, which is what I am experiencing right now.

COST: $175

(includes the cost of the images package)

Blog Social Media Images & Posting Package $175

Add a Lead Generation Box to your blog post

It doesn’t make sense to write a really compelling blog post and then leave readers high and dry!

Give them something more to continue connecting with you.

I will add a lead generation box to your blog post.

COST: $50

Blog Lead Genration Box $50

The Works including SEO!

If you have a really solid blog post that’s a real winner, then it may be worth promoting and optimizing for search and lead generation.

In addition to all of the above, I will SEO optimize your blog

COST: $375

*Consider this….the average cost of a 1/4 page ad in a local newspaper runs $400. It’s Russian Roulette for your money! 1 Shot-1 Day and it’s over! And even worse is the fact that it runs in front of a HIGHLY general (untargeted audience).

Your SEO optimized and promoted blog lives indefinitely in TMBSN (as long as you are a member)

Blog THE WORKS! $375