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About Our Alternative & Holistic Health Directory

Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Directory of PractitionersLooking for an online business directory for alternative medicine practitioners or holistic health practitioners? The Mind Body Spirit Network brings together conscious holistic health practitioners in one place. Check out our professional online business listings directory of alternative, complementary and holistic health practitioners here and our expert’s blog contributions, video interviews in our High Vibe Tribe TV, and our monthly High Vibe Tribe book reviews.

Types of Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Health Practitioners

Ayurvedic Practitioners

Ayurveda Directory of Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioners

Energy Healers

Energy Healer Directory of Energy Medicine Practitioners

Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Directpry

Medical Intuitives

Certified Medical Medium Directory of Certified Medical Intuitive

Naturopathic Practitioners

Online Directory of Naturopaths


Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Therapy Practitioners

Find an Alternative Medicine or Holistic Health Practitioner:

A Dreamwork Practice to Ignite Your Soul’s Wildness & Meet Your Boldest, Truest Self

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A Dreamwork Practice to Ignite Your Soul’s Wildness & Meet Your Boldest, Truest Self with Kelly Sullivan Walden (December – January 6th, 2022): Discover an approach to Dreamwork that empowers you to become[...]

Transformational Leader Growth Mindset Coach Harold Peck JR.

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Empower yourself for an EXCEPTIONAL Life, starting NOW. Are you stuck in a rut on many fronts (mind body spirit), and wondering how to change your life in a significant way? You may be[...]

Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing & Healing with Liz Bigger

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Transformational Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing & Healing Get natural relief from numerous issues including anxiety, depression and stress through the healing of the energy body. Enjoy intuitive energy healing via Reiki & chakra[...]

Meditation Classes with Ayurveda Wellness Coach Deborah Edwards

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Follow Me on Social Media! Gain Balance, Control Stress, and Create the Life You Want! Life can get in the way of being who you are and having[...]

Certified Energy Healing & Transformation Life Coach Linda Armstrong

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Clear what's blocking you from waking up each day feeling happy and eager to move forward manifesting a life you LOVE. Are you Awakening Spiritually? Want to breakthrough all that is keeping you stuck?[...]

Certified Medical Medium & Psychic Holly Scalmanini

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Follow Me on Social Media! Get The Insights & Healing You Need Move Forward In Your Life We have come to earth school to live life fully,[...]

Medical Intuitive Readings & Evidential Mediumship with Gifted Healer Cheryl Murphy

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In Need of Spiritual Guidance, Evidential Mediumship or Medical Intuitive Insights? You know the answers, I help to encourage your confidence and knowingness. It is no coincidence that you have stumbled upon this web[...]

For Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine Practitioners:

The Mind Body Spirit Network is an alternative online business directory for practitioners of alternative medicine, complementary health and  holistic health.

We are also a conscious community of alternative medicine and holistic health professionals and our expert’s blog contributions, video interviews in our High Vibe Tribe TV, and our monthly High Vibe Tribe book reviews.

The Mind Body Spirit Network inspires complementary and alternative medicine and holistic practitioners (including chiropractors, acupuncturists,  naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners, homeopathic doctors, etc…) to reimagine, up-level and leverage their online marketing investment with simple, innovative local SEO content marketing, social media, and professional web design strategies that get you outta the gate from the get go!

Stop floundering with online overwhelm!

Come partner with a conscious community and powerful intentional brand, The Mind Body Spirit Network, it’s way more than just an online business directory!

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