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Law of Attraction Tips for When It’s NOT Working in Your Favor!

Imade this video to give my recent example of the Law of Attraction working for me, only it wasn’t in a good way.

Confused about how law of attraction works?I wanted to share this because it is a great example of how negative energy is so easy to manifest from. I also share my experience of being on the fence about whether I wanted to stay in a negative place or move to a positive place. I was sort of sitting on the fence with my emotions and teetering back and forth. Another great example of how energy works within our system and how we are in control of it.

The Law of Attraction works that’s for sure. In my example I tell you how I manifested something unwanted and it all happened within minutes. That’s how powerful negative energy is.

Watch the video and see if it resonates with you and gives you clarity about how to be aware of your emotions. Also, how to direct your emotions so they support you in manifesting your desires and not your fears.

Linda Armstrong Certified ThetaHealing & GATE Method facilitatorEnjoy,


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What Can You Do When the Laws of Attraction Are NOT  Working in Your Favor?

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