Q&A with Energy Healer, Transformation Coach and Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach Linda Armstrong


After designing advertisements and teaching karate for over 20 years, Linda Armstrong just knew there was more out there for her. But like most healers, becoming an energy healer and coach wasn’t something she intended to do. Rather, this calling found her. As a karate sensei, Linda suffered a tear in her rotator cuff, and decided she did not want to be stuck in the dojo. She set out to find something she could do “from anywhere, with anyone on the planet, at any time.” Linda took classes on several subjects—from internet marketing to law of attraction coaching to meditation—to help discover her passion. Six years later, Linda is now an energy healer, transformation life coach and master certified law of attraction coach. The Mind Body Spirit Network spoke to Linda to learn more about how she uses energy healing and coaching to help her clients manifest, heal and transform their lives.



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Q: There are many types of energy healing, but you specialize in ThetaHealing and the GATE healing method. Can you explain both energy healing methods?

The Gate Method Energy healing TypeA: The GATE method works through the physical body. It releases vows, oaths and decisions that you’ve made in this life or are carrying over from another lifetime that compel you to be a certain way, or prevent you from success. GATE also works very well with releasing energetic ties to people and things. With the GATE method, we start in a neutral, almost meditative state. Then you ask your body to show you how it would feel to have whatever it is you want to manifest. If you have resistance, you’ll have a physical reaction. Your throat will get clogged, you’ll have pain, some people shake. It might feel like fear, sorrow or grief; the tears might start rolling. I intuitively and logically clear whatever is in the way, and then it stops. Through this clearing of resistance, people wind up feeling much lighter; they can feel the shift in their body, because everything is stored within your DNA, in your cells. The GATE method isn’t hands-on; it’s conversational. You want to get to a place where there’s no more resistance. We call it the opening state, because you feel free. It’s in that energy that you receive the healing that lifts and expands you. That’s when I have you do a manifesting technique, so we ask for this to manifest in your life because now the path is clear. Some people have things change really fast.

ThetaHealing is again like getting into a meditative state, but you take yourself into the Theta brainwave and you do the work from there. I’m connecting with the client so I know what they want to achieve, and we get into why it isn’t happening. I’m digging down and finding beliefs. There could be a bunch of beliefs stacked on top of another, but when you clear the bottom belief, you can clear the whole thing. The healing energy comes in, things are transformed right there on the spot, and we do muscle testing to see if the belief has transformed. Muscle testing is important because you may think that you have a belief and you don’t. Or you may think there’s no way you believe something, and you do. Your body tells you. We’re tapping into the subconscious, using muscle testing. I find the yes and the no for a person, kind of like a pendulum. Then we ask the belief, “I am successful?” If it’s a yes, OK, we’re clear on that. If it’s a no, OK, we need to change that. Because if you believe you’re not successful, then of course you’re going to be failing at every attempt. It’s a lot of clearing and downloading what it would be like to be successful and bringing this energy into your being.


Q: Do you combine both modalities or do you intuitively know which approach would be better?

A: It’s intuitive. With an initial conversation, I can feel which way to go. I like to combine both, but it doesn’t always present itself. Both modalities can heal things whether they’re physical, mental or spiritual.



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Q: You say that love is the energy that heals all. What does that mean?

A: Every healer is channeling love. Everything stems from love; it is the creative energy. Everything is created out of thoughts and imagination. So even just imagining this energy of love—you know that feeling when you first saw your child, or your wedding day, or when you’re petting your puppy dog. There are so many ways to find that feeling. It is a free-flowing energy, so you can send love to people all the time, which is something I commonly do. I send love to people passing by, strangers, family and friends. It keeps you in a high vibration. When you’re holding a high vibration, things go easy for you.

Love heals all transformation coach. Linda Armstrong

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Q: You’re also a transformation coach. Is that like a life coach?

A: With coaching, I’m working with people to recognize their energy and keep it at that higher vibration. You could be miserable and you could flip it just by doing a few things. A lot of life coaches are doing this naturally, not knowing how they’re doing it because many do not know the energy aspect. Everything is energy. If someone wants to be successful but feels like they’ve been a victim or a failure, that’s very low energy that needs to change. It needs to transform. hence “transformation coach“. You have to start telling a different story. You’re going to live whatever energy you are sending out there; that’s the law of attraction. Whatever energy you put out, you draw back in. Affirmations are great, but you have to hold the vibration of it; the words are not enough. You want to be in that energy of feeling what it’s like to live the desire now, in present time, and when you’re in that place, the perfect ideas come and you can’t wait to take action on them.

Millionaire mindset law of attraction coachQ: Speaking of the Law of Attraction, you’re also a Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach. How do you help people use the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires?

A: The master certification is combining the energy element in an even stronger way. In the coaching session, it’s easy for people to let themselves go into the dream of what they want to create, so it’s about using their imagination and feeling the vibration of that. I guide them in a process to do this. I give them tips they can use until I see them again to keep holding that energy. When you’re in that energy, that’s when the inspiration and the good ideas come. It’s about being in the flow.

Q: How can meditation and grounding help someone who’s looking to heal or change their life?

Meditation is very important. It’s the best preventative medicine there is. It would be great if we did 20 or 30 minutes a day. Even five minutes to get quiet and consciously bring breath into your body is healing. There’s a hustle and bustle we’re always in where we’re barely breathing. The breath becomes very shallow. Meditation deepens your breath and calms your whole being while doing so. Meditation is a way to bring your focus inward because the more you can go in, the further you can go out. You need to work with the whole chakra system, to be rooted to the ground, in order to go higher. In meditation, you can do that. I used to think I couldn’t meditate because I couldn’t quiet my mind. But in meditation I get some of the best ideas; the best inspiration will drop in when it’s quiet and I can actually hear it. In meditation, you can connect to your guides and angels to ask for inspiration, or for a solution to something. Meditation quiets you down, it calms your whole body, it connects you to your soul. Best of all, you’re

breathing that pure love energy that heals.

Q: What types of clients do you typically see, and are there common reasons why people work with you?

A: I see 17- to 85-year-olds. My clients are all different ages and come for all different reasons. Ultimately, most everybody wants to find that connection to the deepest part of themselves. They’re finding how to surrender and work with energy because they’ve given up the fight, and they’re just letting go.

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Q: Your energy healing and coaching clients have experienced lots of positive results —from gaining more confidence, direction and business growth to attracting soul mates, clearing traumatic energy and healing from insomnia, depression, anxiety and allergies. Can you tell me about your own self-healing experience?

A: One day in February I woke up unable to move my arm. It turned out I had a tear in my rotator cuff. Around December, I decided, “I’m done with this pain, I’m going to have surgery.” I was at a Christmas party and there were a few people who had this same surgery, and they were talking about the misery of it. While we were talking, I just heard this voice within me that said, “You can heal this yourself.” It made me think. Within two months, I healed my rotator cuff just through meditation. I would imagine the feeling of love. Like if you could bottle up that energy and put it right into your torn rotator cuff, that’s pretty much what I did. I sent love to my injury. And that was the beginning of my journey as a healer.

Q: What’s one key takeaway you would like to share about the power of energy healing and transformation coaching to help people change their lives?

A: Everybody can create change for the better. There’s always a way, no matter how difficult you think the path ahead of you is. You can always break free from those things that are holding you back. We are very powerful beings who can create. Flipping the switch from being miserable to being happy is very possible, and it’s not hard. We make it hard because we put all that other junk in the way. There’s comfort in the familiar, we just have to chip away at it to break though.

Have you heard enough because you LOVE Linda as much as we do? If  you want to take advantage of Linda’s limited offer to Mind Body Spirit Network readers only of a 30 minute energy healing, clearing and coaching session  for only $47.
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Linda Armstrong Certified Transformation Coach & Energy Healer

Linda Armstrong dba Pure Love Energy, LLC provides Individual Transformation Life Coaching as a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach, Certified Energy Healing via ThetaHealing® Technique & The GATE Method, as well as Guided Meditation and Personal Development Services  to some or all of the following local areas: Tenafly New Jersey, Englewood New Jersey, Bergenfield New Jersey, Cresskill New Jersey, Piermont New York, Tappan New York and Nyack New York.

Services are also available via phone conferencing and/or video conferencing for clients outside our local area.

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