Looking to connect with your spirit guides?

I get letters  from many people asking me how they can open their communication with spirit and how to connect with your spirit guides. People want to know how to use their psychic ability to talk to their loved ones who have passed away, and to create the life they have  imagined for themselves. Many are aware they have a powerful gift, but fear that it is an overwhelming difficult task to develop. Yet some of these people have heard their name being called out or whispered to when no one else is around….is it your guardian angels you wonder?

Let me tell you my friends, you are  psychic and when you acknowledge this, you’ve already begun opening your channels of communicating with the spirit world. 

You are on your way to developing your psychic ability and you want to know how to contact your spirit guide. That is actually what spirit wants, for you to acknowledge and own the fact that you are psychic and can connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Start by telling yourself:

  • I am a psychic medium.
  • I am opening my intuitive channels more everyday with ease, grace and fun.
  • My intention is to help people and myself by using my gifts.
  • The messages are the most appropriate for me at this time.
  • I ask the information be for my highest good and the good for all.
  • I am connecting with spirit guides.

Below are some suggestions you can use to brush-up on your intuitive skills and some techniques you can add to your spiritual tool belt.

The Sounds of Spirit & Guardian Angels

Connect to YOur Guardian AngelsSpiritual Readings OnlineWhen you hear a sound that is unusual and unexpected, acknowledge that it is the spirit world. Say “Thank you, I hear you. I accept that.” When you express gratitude to the universe, you will receive more messages. They can be  the sound of bells, chimes or even a few words that someone will speak that are the perfect message for you.

Sometimes these messages come to you as thoughts out of the blue. For example, I was in the lush forest of Hawaii not too long ago, where I spent an afternoon meditating with nature. My energy was relating to the energy of the trees and animals. I was particularly drawn to a very old and wise Hawaiian palm tree. I placed my hand on this beautiful tree, sending my loving energy of blessings and gratitude to the tree and the earth. I began receiving thoughts about a whale watching tour I scheduled for the next day. The message that came to me from this tree was that I was going to be seeing whales 4 times on this tour. As it turned out, I saw whales exactly 4 times the next day on my trip.

Ways to Connect is in Your Dreams

Spirits are available to come to you in your dreams. Write a letter to them asking them to come through. Thank them ahead of time as if paying it forward. Before you go to bed at night, write down your questions to spirit, asking them to come in your dreams with the answer. When you wake in the morning, take an extra few minutes before getting out of bed to remember and write down your dreams and experience the calmness of your gradual awakening from the sleep state.  When you go to bed in this high vibration of connecting to spirit, you wake up in this same high frequency and can better interpret the messages sent through dreams.

Schedule an appointment with your guides and angels anytime of day. If you are going to meditate in the afternoon, for example, ask them to be available and let them know you will be ready to receive any messages they have for you. You are not really beginners at this. You already have these abilities. You are masters in training. You are stepping into your greatness as co-creators of the universe.

You are the universe, you aren’t in the universe.

-Eckhart Tolle

About Our Expert Contributor Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy

Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy

It is my mission to honor your soul’s life purpose and assist you in connecting with your divine guidance. My intention will always be to help empower you with your next step on your spiritual path. Cheryl uses her ability as a psychic and spiritual medium to help people make life’s important decisions.

As a psychic medium I am able to bridge the connection to your spiritual guides. I can also put you in touch with your loved ones.

Though many of Cheryl’s clients interact with Cheryl remotely via phone or Skype, FaceTime  and e-mail psychic readings online, she is available for clairvoyant psychic readings, spiritual readings and connecting to your guardian angels, and psychic advising in person in the communities of  Palmdale, California.