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Digital Marketing FAQ’s Answered Here!


Social media online marketing strategiesDo you have questions about your digital marketing efforts?

How about your online marketing strategies?

If so, then today you may have “stumbled upon” the perfect place!

If you are a mindful small business owner, solopreneur, or conscious company, then these answers may be to the questions you are pondering today.

Fun how that works isn’t it?

Todays Online MeetUp and Networking & Digital Marketing learning group (Tuesday April 18th 2017) posed questions on the following topics:

  1. How can understanding Google Analytics help you?
  2. Interesting stats on Pinterest traffic for one client and the importance of SEO in Pinterest among other things. Also tips on image design for beginners.
  3. We also brought up the topic Instagram and how I make it easier on me (a desktop user).
  4. Questions about social media posting platforms and a quick review of my experience with Buffer and Hootsuite.
  5. How do I communicate with members in my Meetup group and how do I connect them through a Facebook page and Facebook group I want to create?
  6. Questions about the benefits of starting a Meetup Group and how to determine whether there’s interest in your community.

Our Mind Body Spirit Meetup, networking and digital marketing training, presentations and topics on online marketing strategies meets every Tuesday morning (9am Mountain Time).

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