How to Actualize the FULL Capacity of Your Enneagram Type with Jessica Dibb

Discover the Holographic Enneagram with Jessica DibbThe Enneagram is far more than a personality typing system…

It’s a multi-dimensional map for accessing (and integrating) the deeper qualities of your body, heart, mind, and soul.

World-renowned Enneagram teacher Jessica Dibb has pioneered the holographic approach to the Enneagram that encompasses the rich and nuanced levels of the nine types through accessible, comprehensive teachings.

On Saturday, July 6, 2019 this respected Enneagram expert will share integrated practices to activate your higher consciousness — and actualize the FULL capacity of your type — during a FREE virtual event, Discover the Holographic Enneagram: A Multidimensional Map for Holistic Transformation.

Find out more and reserve your place for this complimentary virtual event here.

In How to Transform Your Life Through the Enneagram and Share Your Gifts with the World You’ll Discover:

  • Enneagram Personality TypesLeading-Edge teaching on the holographic Enneagram — an approach that is key to holistic and embodied transformation
  • How the qualities of the Enneagram point beyond the level of personality — and how they can transform your orientation to life, your relationships, and your capacity to express your gifts
  • A powerful set of guided mini-practices to give you a felt sense of the Holographic Enneagram
  • The core Enneagram work, not as mere descriptions of the types, but a method of transforming the Enneagram type patterns into profound expressions of human potential and spirit
  • The inner meaning of the “heart qualities” known as the Enneagram Virtues
  • The Holy Ideas as transcendent states of consciousness, which are accessible through the holographic map of the Enneagram

Whether you’re steeped in the Enneagram or have just discovered its transformative power, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance to access its multidimensional aspects.

This groundbreaking, holistic approach and the new body of teachings and practices that grew out of it — integrating both the modern Enneagram and its ancient mystical origins — will guide you through the most exciting terrain of the Enneagram yet.

We hope you’ll join us for this illuminating, hour-long event: REGISTER HERE! 

Liz Gracia Editor in Chief & Publisher Scout It Out Guide

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief

P.S. During Discover the Holographic Enneagram, Jessica Dibb’s unique comprehensive approach will open you to wholeness, consciousness, and awakening through the multidimensional guidance of the Enneagram — from personality to the Higher Realizations that dwell in the territory beyond your type…

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here.

A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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