Discover the Wisdom of the Winds Interview with Renee Baribeau

Harness the energies and wisdom of the wind to live a more soulful lifeDo you feel called to create a new map for your life that’s true to your essence?

If so, let the cardinal winds be your guide…

Like helping spirits accessed by shamans, and the archetypal energies in nighttime dream images, the wind is an alchemical force you can align with whenever you need guidance.

For example, the four cardinal winds hold specific wisdom and transformative energies: the East tells of new beginnings, the West relates to your physical body, the South reveals your emotional needs and desires, and the North tells the tale of your spiritual Self.

Today I had the distinct honor of interviewing Nautilus Gold Award-winning author, soul coach, shamanic practitioner and wind whistler Renee Baribeau.

She is with us today to discuss the practice of how to summon what she calls the Wind of Your Specific Intention to make it your ally and harness its transformative energies.

This fascinating topic on the wisdom of the wind and interview with Renee Baribeau is a lead into her 1st online event, sponsored by The Shift Network called: How to Become a Wind Alchemist: Shamanic Practices to Dissipate Negative Thoughts & Align Your Life With Healing Wisdom.

You can register here.

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More About Shamanic Teacher of the Winds Renee Baribeau:

Interview with Renee Baribeau Shamanic Practitoner Shamanic Teacher of the Wisdom of the WindRenee Baribeau is The Practical Shaman, a Wind Whistler, and Hay House Author.

Renee is the “go-to” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers. A dynamic spiritual keynote speaker, she injects humor and practical wisdom into her inspirational Wind Work® workshops. Renee guides individuals toward an enlightened way of life — and their true purpose — through the wind’s knowledge.

The wind gods have guided Renee’s life in many directions. A former chef, in 1987 she opened the first farm-to-table restaurant in Central New York. Renee served as the Resident Shaman at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Since 2013, Renee has worked for Foundations Recovery Network, a national system of residential treatment facilities, as Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator.

Book Winds of Spirit Written by Renee BaribeauRenee developed the Awakening Compass© that’s featured in her book, Winds of Spirit It’s a navigational tool designed to provide guidance, focus, and clarity of direction in your life, no matter which way the wind is blowing.

She’s also a featured contributing blogger for Elephant Journal. Renee has contributed chapters to the anthologies, Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now, and The Five Principles of Everything. She makes her home in the California desert, and on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Renee is also the co-host of the podcast The Shaman’s Cave  with internationall renowned Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman, who we have interviewed twice here (Shamanic Healing with Spiritual Light Interview with Sandra Ingerman) and here (High Vibe Tribe Interview with Shamanic Love Muffin to the Stars.

Are you a podcast listener? If so, you can check out our interview with Renee at here.

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