Online Course: Discover How Drumming for Healing Can Help You Reduce Stress and Control Chronic Pain

It’s been known since ancient times that drumming produces many healing effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

Drumming creates a vibrational sound therapy that can reduce stress, induce deep relaxation, help control chronic pain, help you release negative feelings, ground you in the moment, and boost your immunity.

Not to mention it’s just plain FUN… and liberates spontaneous self-expression and creative energy!

An internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and music therapist Christine Stevens will help you discover how vibrational sound healing with drumming can liberate your inner rhythm and revitalize your holistic health, spirituality, and wellness, during a FREE virtual event, Awaken Your Rhythm: Discover Drumming for Spirituality & Health.

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Discover the many effects of vibrational sound healing with drumming for healingDiscover the many effects of vibrational sound healing with drumming

During this FREE video event, you’ll:

  • Discover the healing and spiritually transformative benefits of  vibrational sound therapy with drumming
  • How vibrational sound healing with drums can  boost your immune system and reduce stress
  • Learn the 3 keys used by ancient Shamans to create healing rhythms
  • Experience drum beats depicting the 4 essences (earth, air, fire, water, as well as ether) and how they can relax, ground you, and connect you to nature
  • Discover circular, feminine approaches to vibrational sound healing with drumming for healing
  • Discover materials and tips for creating your own “found sound” — a handmade drum created from household items that really sound good!

More than anything, you’ll have the opportunity to feel into how drumming for vibrational sound therapy is a way to reduce stress and boost your immune system.  It can also help you find grounding and calmness, as well as aliveness and inspiration, as you discover what a truly healing instrument drums are!

umming as Vibrational Sound Therapy with Christine StevensAnd you’ll almost certainly be touched by Christine’s infectious passion for vibrational sound therapy with drumming… She has an uncanny way of making your heart smile.

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