Many of our small business & Mind Body Spirit Network Members (The High Vibe Tribe) are eager to understand email marketing best practices for how to boost engagement.

Today’s Online Meetup topic covers just that!
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Here’s some simple and basic  email marketing tips small businesses can employ to improve conversion rates and engagement:

The Subject Line is the 1st Line of Offense in your Email Marketing Best Practices.

Email marketing best practicesYou need to get people to open the email first!

Here’s key steps to that:

Use really effective headlines in your subject line of the email. That subject line needs to spark interest, fulfill a promise and inform readers as to what to expect in the email. There’s more than enough examples of great headline building when you search online! Click here for 1 great resource!

Use the first name in the subject line of your emails. Hint: you need a first name merge tag to do this.  (In Mail Chimp the code for first name merge tag is *|FNAME|*) Studies show, open rates go up 15% – 20% when the recipients first name is in the subject line.

Put ” [ VIDEO ]” in your subject line. Studies (HubSpot * Wistia)  have shown that “[ VIDEO ]” in the subject line can boost open rates by 20%

If using Mail Chimp (and perhaps other service providers offer this as well) us their subject line research tool to make sure you are using  phrases that have 3-5 star open ratings.

More Useful Email Marketing Tips:

When crafting your email message, speak to your audience as if it is one person you are speaking to. Make it personal, conversational and respectful  and be sure to connect with each reader from this perspective. It feels different when you write to someone from this point of view.

Try it on (writing to an anonymous group vs an individual you know well or as an acquaintance) and you’ll see what I mean.

Email marketing for small businesses

Ask for a reply in your emails! This is typically unexpected, but why not? Why not ask for feedback, engagement, comments, or reviews? Get your audience used to having a conversation with you, then be sure to respond quickly to their replies.

Have a call for action! Make sure there is some way to go further with you. Asking for a reply is a call to action….another would be to watch a short video, answer a survey, buy a product, sign up for a webinar, you catch my drift here…

Give people what I call a “swell prize” for reading your emails. Make sure they benefit from the experience is some way. Maybe you have a signature “swell prize” inside of any email (kinda’ like the prizes in the bottom of a cereal box) Make it fun and memorable!

Email marketing tipsHave any great ideas around this? Here’s a few basic ones:

  • Share a useful tip
  • Share a relevant quote of the day.
  • Share a great statistic related to your audience’s interests
  • Share a short video clip of you providing valuable insights


These are just a few email marketing tips  to get small business email marketing efforts off the ground with ways to boost conversions (open rates, click through rates, replies and shares) helps small businesses with their online marketing efforts from SEO WordPress website design to full blown sales funnel marketing campaigns to grow their businesses profitably and soundly online.

We also help with implementing email marketing best practices for email list building, boosting conversions and building brand loyalty. This is all done within the context of our conscious community website:

We help people set up their email marketing efforts and serve locally from Golden, Colorado and the surrounding metropolitan communities of Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Many of our clients are located all over the United States and are not limited by proximity (of course it’s online marketing!).

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Hope you found this helpful!

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