ENERGY HEALING meditation to release self LIMITING BELIEFS

This video is an energy healing meditation that will release limiting beliefs, patterns and programs running in your subconscious mind preventing you from moving forward as the amazing creative manifestor that you are.

This was my intention as I recorded this video. The energy will come through no matter when you happen to view this.

Everything is energy and energy travels easily, telepathically, with intention. All you need to do is to say YES to the clearing and sit back and enjoy!

The beliefs we will be clearing are:

I’m not good enough

I have to be perfect to have good things come to me

My dreams are unreachable

Law of attraction works for other people, but not for me

I have to please everybody

I am powerless to create positive change

I must work hard for every penny

I‘m not worthy of success and prosperity

I’m incapable of receiving love from others

I’m incapable of appreciating, loving and accepting myself as I am

These are very common beliefs that I clear all the time with clients who come to me. This is how I came up with this list of 10 beliefs. Of course there are so many other very common beliefs to clear and lots of deeply rooted beliefs that really put the brakes on our manifesting abilities.

If you would like to take this deeper I invite you to contact me through the contact form here on the Mind Body Sprit Network or you may visit my website to find out more.

Are you ready for this energy healing meditation?

If so, get comfy, sit back, lay down, possibly listen with ear buds, and LET THE HEALING BEGIN!

As always, I wish you much Peace, Love & Light,



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