Natural Gift Ideas from Our Favorite Things on Etsy

We’ve consciously curated some of our favorite things on Etsy that are intended to provide organic and natural gift ideas to nurture their inner garden.

Today’s mindful gifts for your family member or favorite friend include a stunning nature-inspired ring, a wooden sacred geometry-esque mandala to hang in the inner sanctum,  a beautiful winter smudging bundle, a gorgeous live wall hanging of succulents, a chunk organic wool throw, Zodiak inspired distinctively fragranced soy candles with crystals,  a mid-century modern art fiber weaving, and so much more.

Check out our carefully curated selection of  Organic & Natural Gift Ideas from our favorite things on Etsy.


About Our Great Finds & Favorite Things on Etsy

Many people struggle with thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas. And many like to turn to Etsy for beautiful handmade gifts. But, if you are like most people, it can be overwhelming to sort through the massive selection of offerings on Etsy.

As a home furnishings and gift buyer, artist, and interior designer it is my absolute pleasure to consciously curate the finer things in life on Etsy.

Today’s collection of mindful and natural gift ideas to nurture their inner garden includes:

  1. Wall Decor- Succulent Garden Arrangement Nuture Your Inner GardenA live succulent garden to hang on your wall by KileensGardenBoutiqu. See all their live hanging succulent gardens here.
  2.  100% natural cold process soaps from Canada by GreenPetalSoapWorks . See all of their 100% natural gift ideas and soap sets here,
  3. An organic certified super chunk wool knit throw by LoopsStudios. Explore all of their chunky knit goodies here.
  4. 100% Organic Hemp Handmade Yoga Mat by Khusiinc.  See all of their Yogu inspired offerings here.

More of  today’s collection of meaningful gift ideas to nurture your inner garden includes:

  1. A stunningly beautiful natured inspired Montana Saphire Ring by OliviaEwingJewelry. See all of her sophisticated natural jewelry here.
  2. A natural gift of cedar and fruit winter smudge bundle makes a thoughtful hostess or housewarming gift by TopangaWindowOils. Check out all of their natural gift ideas here.
  3. Mandala, henna flower, Wood panel, Yoga gift for herA sacred-geometry inspire Mandal by EnjoyTheMandala. See all of their handcrafted mandalas here.
  4. A linen buckwheat hull-filled floor-meditation cushion by HempOrganicLife. See all of their mindful organic hemp furnishings and home decor here.

Here are some beautiful things to surround your inner garden sanctuary

  1. Boho Chic Agate & Crystal Quartz Necklace | Adjustable Leather by  JoyofWings. See all of their nature-inspired jewelry and natural gifts here.
  2. Zodiac Inspired Naturally Fragranced Soy Candles with Natural Crystals by HallowedCo. 
  3. Natural clay face mask sets by MuddyMint Check out all of their natural self-care products here.
  4. Buddha Art on Distressed Sold Wood Boards – 32″ x 21″ by PyneAndSteele
  5. Knitted pouf, chunky knit pouffe, round knit pouf knit, knitted pouf poof, ottoman pouf poof, big knit pouffeSuper Chunky Knitted Pouf or Ottoman by LoopsStudios. Explore all of their chunky knit goodies here.
  6. Modern Fiber Art Weaving Mid Century Tapestry by PosyAndBelle.  Check out all of their inspired natural gifts here.

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Explore all of our natural gifts and favorite things on Etsy here

I hope you enjoy our consciously curated “Great Finds & Favorite Thingson Etsy These selections of natural and organic items from Etsy are intended to inspire you for thoughtful and meaningful gift-giving to nurture their inner garden or your own sacred space.

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