The Sacred Power of Your Feminine Life Force

FREE Online Event for Women with Lisa SchraderI’m calling out to all the women out there.

Are you longing to liberate a more deeply feminine YOU?

The truth is that when you fully embrace the passionate feminine energy within — your Shakti — the result is a more fulfilling life!

On Saturday, September 10, you can begin to tap this sacred power that courses through your veins, expands your heart, and enhances your sexuality when you join Lisa Schrader for Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti: Reclaim the Authentic Power of Your Feminine Life Force.

Shift network Event with Lisa SchraderYou can register for this FREE virtual event here: REGISTER NOW!

Lisa was the first sacred sexuality teacher invited to speak on Oprah for a reason: she’s accessible, real and speaks openly about the ups and downs of her own sexual awakening journey.

During this special virtual event, she’ll share with you:

  • How to use the 3 keys to “Shakti Power” for an immediate experience of sensual aliveness and alignment
  • Why there may be nothing “wrong” with you if you find yourself giving in or giving up on sex, and ways to naturally welcome back your passion
  • Practices for connecting to the wisdom matrix inside your own body and the reasons why “gurus” fail so many awakening women
  • Ways to relax into your magnetic, effortless feminine essence and unhook from the habitual hyper-masculine striving and improving mode

It’s free to attend, but you’ll need to RSVP here:


If you’re like so many women, you may feel depleted and burdened by a laundry list of “shoulds.” However, you CAN reclaim your passion, pleasure and sense of adventure… and Lisa is ready to show you the way.

Editor in Chief & Publisher, Liz GraciaLiz  Gracia
Publisher & Editor in Chief

P. S. Don’t miss your chance to experience Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti: Reclaim the Authentic Power of Your Feminine Life Force, and learn from sacred sexuality teacher and renowned coach Lisa Schrader… for FREE!

Please RSVP here to join this event: REGISTER NOW!

A recording will be provided later to all who register.