How to Honor Yourself & Transform Your Relationship with Men with Alison Armstrong

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Crack the “Man Code” and enjoy healthy relationships with men Are you a woman who, despite years of personal growth, is still confused by the ways men think and behave? What if you could leave [...]

Consulting Everyday Oracles with Robert Moss Online Event Registration

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Consulting Everyday Oracles and Opening to Synchronicity, Magic and the Wisdom All Around You FREE Online Event Registration with Dream Shaman Robert Moss… Did you know that your everyday life is filled with portals to [...]

Discovering Revolutionary Enlightenment & a Spiritual Practice with Robert Thurman

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Free yourself from dogma and explore ‘Buddhism beyond Buddhism’ Do you have your own ideas about what Buddhism is? What if these ideas are actually holding you back from the true joy, compassion, and enlightenment [...]

Online Journal Writing Workshop: How to Free Yourself Through Writing with Mark Matousek

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Open to Universal Wisdom & Truth Through a Journal Writing Spiritual Practice: An Online Writing Workshop Would you like to discover deeper truths about who you are and what’s possible for your life? You may [...]

How Your Deepest Insecurities Reveal Your Greatest Gifts with Ken Page August 26th

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Discover the hidden key to finding & cultivating lasting love. Attend this free virtual mini-workshop for singles & couples Creating lasting, soul-filling love is one of the great missions of our lives — but that [...]

Your Luminous Self: Peruvian Shamanic Healing Wisdom with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

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Discover Ancient Shamanic Practices to Activate Your Light Body for Healing, Vitality and Spiritual Awakening... Tap Into the Sacred Relationship Between the Sun and Moon to More Powerfully Reflect the Light of Your Own [...]