Freyja: Great Mother & Goddess of the Nordic People with Evelyn Rysdyk

Though This Event Has Passed….

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Receive a blessing from Freyja,  ancestress of all shamanic practitioners

FREE Online Event: Freyja: Great Mother & Goddess of the Nordic People with Evelyn RysdykIn ancient times, it was common to turn to one’s elders when facing a challenge or feeling overwhelmed or lonely.

The profound wisdom they shared was often delivered in the form of myth.

These stories, passed down through the ages and shared by cultures around the world, can provide you with insights that help you solve your own life’s challenges and navigate these turbulent times…

In Norse mythology, Freyja carried the mantle of the great mother and goddess of the hunter-gatherers of Paleolithic times into the Middle Ages, and still “lives” within us today as an all-encompassing archetype of the Divine Feminine.

Freyja is an ancestor to all who practice shamanism today.

On Saturday, April 13, 2019 (Though this LIVE event has passed you may still be able to access the recording here) shamanism teacher Evelyn Rysdyk will show you how to learn and experience firsthand how to bring the healing nature of the Divine Feminine into your life and out into the world during a FREE video event: Freyja: Great Mother & Goddess of the Nordic People: Discover the Feminine Wisdom of the ‘First Shaman’ to Shape Your Destiny.

You can reserve your free space here.

Discover the healing wisdom of Norse mythology

During this powerful hour, you’ll:

  • Discover the healing wisdom of Norse mythologyDiscover mythology as not only wonderful lyrical stories but as powerful ancient wisdom passed through time to help us solve today’s challenges
  • Learn the Norse myth of Freyja and how this mistress of the animals can help you connect more deeply with nature, and thus with yourself and others
  • Discover how the stories and perspectives of our ancestors can help you become more grounded in your humanness — and help our species become more unified
  • Experience a guided journey to meet Freyja in her splendid, golden aspect as the Great Mother Goddess and receive a blessing or teaching from her
  • Discover how Norse myths tell the stories of ancestors who faced calamitous changes — and how they can teach us how to live our lives today

Attending this complimentary online event can help you start to connect to the fascinating teachings of Norse mythology and the transformative archetypal energies of the Goddess Freyja, which can open you to the healing and restorative powers of the Divine Feminine within…

So do join me for this rich and transformative hour with one of the most renowned teachers of shamanism. It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details.

Liz Gracia Editor in Chief & Publisher Scout It Out GuideLiz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to discover how the great myths of our ancestors can help provide you with what you’re truly longing for — a stable foundation within that can sustain you during personal life challenges and amidst the turbulence of the outer world.

Discover more and reserve your free space for Freyja: Great Mother & Goddess of the Nordic People: Discover the Feminine Wisdom of the ‘First Shaman’ to Shape Your Destiny here.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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About the Author:

Liz Gracia is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network and loves to bring visionary thought leaders, teachers and speakers as well as luminary healers, change agents and transformation specialists to light in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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