Full Moon Meditation Essentials Smudge Kit. Tibetan Brass Singing Bowl, Abalone Shell, Himalayan Salt


This gorgeous thoughtful meditation gift set was inspired by the summer Malibu Beach and created under the full moon. All elements fit perfectly together.

There are 3 options to personalize the set for your gift needs.

  • Regular bowl set is what you see in the photo, good quality brass bowl.
  • Much better bowl set is used best quality handmade bowl, one hit last 30 seconds of singing. The singing bowl is priced $50 individually on ETS
  • Much better bowl set adds lucky bamboo instead of dried flower for buyers who prefer live plants.
  • Beautiful earthy smudge kit with Amazing Water Power energy.

I can change the combination of the crystals according to your needs to help you better.

Cleansing!!! Protection!!! Blessing!!! Positive energy!!! Detox!!! Use all goodies to balance your Yin and Yang.

  • 17 pcs essentials for house warming, new place cleansing, calming. A Perfect spiritual gift:
  • 1 x Brass Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditation, Healing, and Yoga. Comes with a wooden mallet/stick. 4″ diameter.
  • (the regular singing bowl is brass casting. The much better one is handmade and one hit sings over 30 seconds)
  • 1 x mini Himalayan salt rock tea light candle holder 2.5″x2.25″. 3 scentless tealight candles are included to start with. Priced $20 individually on ETSY.
  • 1 x Extra Large 6″-7″ Colorful Abalone Shell for emotional balance, soothing, healing and block negative energy. Heavenly beautiful Water Blue Color.
  • 1 x California White Sage. For Healing, pain relief, and cleansing energy. 4″L.
  • 3 x personalized engraved Palo Santo Sticks for healing, purification & detox. Remove negative energy.
  • 1 x Amethyst Cluster is stress reliever and better sleep. Calm, balance and helps Self Esteem. Strong creativity and will power. Sizes are vary.
  • 5 x Tumbled Crystals (Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper and Amethyst).
  • 4 x I Ching Brass Coin for prosperity. Brings metal element to help water element of the shell. Priced
  • 1 x box of Sage Incense made in Japan. 50 sticks comes with a little ceramic holder.
  • 1 x The bundle dried flower. Or pick 3 stalks lucky bamboo set instead.
  • Beautifully packages. Fast shipping.

(Note: The wood baseboard in the first photo is just for the background. It is not included with the purchase)

Regular Price: $99

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