Seed of Life Wall Decor: Framed Crystal Grid for Health and Wellbeing. A mindful & Meaningful Gift from Ireland


Health and wellness framed crystal grid for mindful health, gift from ireland

A framed crystal grid supporting health and wellbeing, with health stones Green Aventurine, Malachite, Jade, Garnet, Citrine and Rose Quartz placed on a hand drawn sacred geometry symbol, The Torus. A beautiful piece of health art, lending energetic support for your own health, or as a health gift.

FRAMED 11 x 11 inches, a high quality, Irish made, hand finished wooden frame 🍀 The canvas is mounted onto cotton fabric as pictured

*** The grid you receive will vary very slightly from that pictured as no two crystals/stones are exactly the same

💚 Green stones/crystals are said to aid us in achieving and improving good health. Representing the colour of life and the colour of nature they represent growth, renewal, rejuvenation, balance and harmony, and give excellent assistance and support in our efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.
> In this grid I have used green stones Aventurine , Jade and Malachite. The centre stone is Jade.

❤️ Since ancient times Garnet’s deep red colour has been associated with blood and the heart, promoting health through the circulatory system.

💛Citrine, an excellent manifesting stone, thought to be wonderful for improving general health, physically, mentally and emotionally

💕 Rose Quartz is excellent for balancing the emotions, for bringing feelings of stability, calm, peacefulness. It’s beautiful gentle, comforting energy can bring ease to the emotional and mental bodies.


> Each of my grids are lovingly created by choosing and placing the appropriate cleansed crystals onto a hand drawn sacred geometry symbol, while focusing on the specific intention of the grid. When the grid is completed it is activated and charged using a Master Clear Quartz crystal.

> It is the combination of crystal energies, along with the energy of the sacred geometry symbol, combined with the power of intention, all working towards towards a common goal, that make crystal grids such effective tools of support and manifestation.

> While your crystal grid is a powerful manifesting tool it is also a beautiful piece of metaphysical art to be displayed in your living or work space, and also can be used as a visual meditation tool

*******Crystals and Crystal Grids do not in any way substitute the advice, diagnosis or treatment, of or by, a professional medical healthcare practitioner. Please consult your medical practitioner for any health and medical issues.

*******Your experience with crystals is subject to your own personal interpretation.

****** Framed crystal grids are designed as wall hangings and are not toys. They should be kept well out of reach of young children.

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