Knowing How to Raise Your Vibration is Key to Manifesting All That You Want.

Have you ever considered that you, and you alone, have the power to feel good at any time no matter what is going on around you. You can raise your vibration and choose to feel good. You can choose to NOT allow people or circumstances to pull you away from your inner peace. You can make the conscious decision to live in a high vibration and manifest all that you want in your life.

When you awaken to this inner power you can put the brakes on blaming other people for your experience. When you open to the understanding that everything is energy and that you are an energy being who knows how to work with energy, you begin to utilize this inner power.

This requires really understanding and knowing for yourself that you are the only one who creates your experience.

You are either attracting or repelling energy. Everything that you experience that you DO NOT WANT has come to you through the energy that you are vibrating out to the world.

Isn’t it time to consciously create your desires and let go of the old programs, limiting beliefs and patterns that are running on auto pilot in your subconscious? You can start right now with my FREE Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind Meditation, click to begin.

When feeling down and depressed you can do any number of things to raise your vibration

The good news is that there are so many things you can do to raise your vibration.  I created a video a while ago with 5 tips to raise your vibration and I also created an online course that is full of tools to assist you in how toHow to raise your vibration and feel better more often raise your vibration.

I know it’s not easy to shift out of feeling depressed. I found this out for myself after my Sister died at just age 51. This shook me to the core. I lost all sense of myself and what life is all about. It wasn’t a logical thing. It was energetic. No words could explain this feeling. The closest word I could find was DREAD. I had a hard time explaining to anyone what it felt like through my words. It was truly a feeling that DID NOT feel good. Nothing made sense to me.

But, it was over the months to come that I stepped even more into what I teach and how I help my clients. My Sister’s passing taught me so much, most of which I can’t even find the words for. I thank her for that. Plus, she had a lot of fun sending us signs (this video is so full of raw emotion) immediately after she passed and up until today, a year and a half later.

It made me realize even more how I could choose to stay in this low, low, vibration I was in, OR I could do things to pull myself out. I found that the more I did these things consciously with the intent to feel better, the easier it got.

The more I decided each day to find things to focus on that feel good, or things I could do to distract myself and pull myself out of that low vibration, the easier it was to climb out and rediscover myself. 

That’s what it’s all about. We have experience that is meant to teach us. Even though it can be hard to see what that is. I mean really hard. We can do it!

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Rediscover your Inner Power!

There are 7 Tips that I share that I have found are my basis of living in a high vibration. You can get a mini video course of my 7 Tips here, or you can get the full course full of healing sessions, brain entrainment audios and mediations by clicking here.

The 7 Tips I share are…  The VibeOmeter, Cancel That, Change your Story, Practice Allowing, Spread the Love, Connect with Spirit and Reclaim your Power.

Any one of these or combination of them ALWAYS shifts my vibration no matter how low it might be to living HIGH VIBE.

When overcome with fear you MUST learn how to raise your vibration. You owe it to yourself!

The biggest, most important thing you can do is to look at fear, acknowledge it, and let it go!

I went through a period of being overwhelmed with fear. Which was just living old stories and falling prey to the negative thought patterns that float around in the collective conscious.  I fell prey to this after my Sister’s passing. I was in such a low place that the fear could come in and take hold.

It was like I forgot all that I know about manifesting and would get stuck in the negative what if game. Meaning the first place my mind went to was all the bad things that could happen. Again, all of this would come right up as I was going through my grief.

Luckily, I was able to keep reminding myself that I know better. I know the power of my beliefs. I then decided find ways to change the negative programs and step into what I wanted.

Through this really low time in my life I found more empowerment in myself and with how I can help others move into their power to create a life they love.  No wonder why my website is called


Raise your vibration and live with good vibes only

Again, speaking to how all experience is growing our soul’s, when I came to pick my URL I wasn’t fully aware of how it truly is what I am all about. The same with my company name… Pure Love Energy, llc.  I truly don’t even remember coming up with that name.  There have been many times when I created something and didn’t even realize the depth of what it mean to me until years later.

To me this just proves how we have guidance in Spirit and our Soul will take us exactly where we want to go.  The trick is to move away from he fear based Ego and into the loving flow of the Souls guidance. I have some videos on my Youtube channel that share some of how I learned this. You might enjoy watching them.

This is all part of Spiritual Awakening and stepping into your Power.

So, in summary… you are always awakening into your truth and power. And you can learn how to feel good right NOW and live a HIGH VIBE life.

Start looking at your experience, see what it wants you to learn. Then feel gratitude for the lesson, no matter how it came to you. And then, step into your power to create and manifest what your soul wants for you in this life.  In these troubled experience you can actually be empowered to move into what it is that you came here to do and be.

You have the Power! Go out and shine you light bright as can be. Lift the heavy dense energy. This is what I help people to do.

If you don’t know how to do it for yourself, find someone who can help you. Sometimes it comes from a book that comes your way. Sometimes from a quick encounter with someone. Ask your Guides, ask your Soul to lead the way in how to raise your vibration and feel better every day.

You are actually on your way!

Peace, Love and Light,



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