Discover how to manifest your dreams and remove unconscious blocks to your heartfelt intentions with Certified Law of Attraction & Manifestation Coach Linda Armstrong. Linda is also a “Core Beliefs Buster”, Certified Energy Healer, Theta Healer, GATE Method and Reiki practitioner. She’ll help you remove the blocks to success at implementing these 7 Kick Ass Law of Attractions Tips to Manifesting Your Dreams!

What if you could manifest your dreams with Law of Attraction tips that really work?

.I will start with the first and most important tip for how to manifest your dreams. It takes higher priority over how to use Law of Attraction. You really must have this part in place. When you do, it becomes easy to manifest your dreams

Actually, I would even say that it is the key to understanding Law of Attraction. Since everything is energy and everything has a vibration or frequency, then to truly use Law of Attraction manifesting techniques you really must have this first part in place.

Most Law of Attraction How To Tips seem to leave this piece out… but as a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach, Awakening Coach and a Channel for Healing Energies, I’ve learned that you really have to got to get this…


Live from your Heart

Live from the Heart #1 law of attraction tip for manifesting your dreamThis is a must do in order to love your life and create your dream manifestation. Having this in place will assist you in implementing the next 7 tips on how to use Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.

It’s all about coming from your heart, connecting to Spirit and implementing Inspired Action.

Never forget that the EGO (Edging God Out) will pull you into fear, doubt, worry and all the reasons why you can’t have what you want. It is the only barrier to manifesting your dreams.

The HEART knows that you absolutely deserve all that you want. Everything that you could ever want that is for your highest good comes through peace, LOVE and joy. This is the Soul’s path.

Your Heart’s guidance will lead you on the path of high vibration to manifest your dreams. When the Ego wants to jump in and take over it is your job to say NO!  No, I will not travel down that road of struggle and doubt. I choose to follow the flowing energy of my heart to lead the way.

The more you stay in the high vibe of LOVE the more you open to the guidance of your Higher Self, your Guides and your Angels. This is how you get into that MAGICAL space to manifest your dreams. It is by staying centered in your heart that your true power can emerge.

From within the magic of your heart any and all of these following tips become easy and oh so effective.


Tip #1 to Manifest Your Dreams?
Find the ESSENCE of your desire

The Law of Attraction is completely and totally driven by, and operating off of, VIBRATION. That’s it! It’s all about the energy you hold. You get what you vibrate to. Like attracts like is no understatement, it is TRUTH!

Knowing this truth is why finding the ESSENCE is your Super POWER to manifesting your dreams

How to maanifest your dreamsIt’s all about how you will feel while living your dream manifestation. What does it’s essence feel like. What does this dream give you? Is it peace, freedom, joy, acceptance, love, elation, success, etc. 

Connect to what feeling sense, what essence the dream brings to you. Put less attention on the details. Don’t get caught up on how it comes to you. In other words, get out of your head and into your HEART. As you do, inspiration flows in and the right ideas come at the right time.

Don’t allow the Trickster Ego to sneak it’s way in and sabotage you. Getting caught up in the details limits you from the many ways far beyond what your mind can conjure up. The Ego will trip you up, unlike the Heart which acts as a beacon of light to draw this essence to you. Spirit will send you the ideas that you can take inspired action with to manifest your dream.


Tip #2 to Manifest Your Dreams?
Tap into Your VibeOmeter

This is an internal meter that keeps track of how you are vibrating. Get really good at catching yourself as your vibration begins to dip while you get caught up in thoughts that DO NOT support you. 

Law of attraction tip #2 Align Your Inner Vibe-Ometer

You want to develop your own internal radar system to guide you and assist you to manifest your dreams. You do this by getting really in tune with what you feel within your body. I call this your VibeOmeter.

Thoughts alone do not create, it is the vibration that you hold within your physical body that does the creating. So, you need to get really in tune with what you are feeling and how you are vibrating.

I say get tuned in, because most times people don’t realize it until they are totally sunk into a really, really low vibe. Many times it’s someone outside of you that says, what’s wrong? you seem off? Before you even realize how low you have sunk.

But then, once you realize where you are and really own it, that you ARE in this low vibe place, well, that is a magical space to be in because from there you can create change. With this awareness you can flip your vibe to one that supports you in manifesting your dreams.

The trick is to use that internal meter to catch yourself before you dive too low. Then make the decision to shift back up into the vibration where your dream manifestation is vibrating.


Tip #3 to Manifest Your Dreams?
Connect to your Future Self

Tip #3 for Manifesting Your DreamsAh, this is MAGICAL. Since all time exists at the same time, you can connect right now to the future YOU who already knows how to manifest your dreams. Imagine your Future Self living the dream, it’s already done. 

Talk to that Future Self, trust me your Future Self already exists. Ask what it feels like manifesting your dreams, ask to see what they are doing in their life, connect as much as you can to your Future Self. Mostly connect to how it feels to have your dream come true. Connect to the essence.

Remember thoughts eventually turn into matter. But, it isn’t just the thought alone, it’s the vibration your body is sending out, the energy attached to the thought is what really does the creating.

So, see that Future Self, and visualize the life they are living. We are creative beings, so let your imagination run wild. Get to know that Future Self like you do your physical friends. 

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Law of Attraction Tip #4?
Stop looking at what is

Stop looking at “what is”, what your current reality is presenting.  

Every time you notice the absence of your desire you are reinforcing the absence of it. This is a really valuable law of attraction tip to “get”! I learned this lesson on how to manifest early on in my journey to learning how to work with energy.

Law of Attraction Tips #4 Stop Looking at What is!

After listening to Abraham-Hicks, I played a game with the Universe. This was a very valuable lesson for me as I realized how by noticing what was not yet appearing in my current reality I kept reinforcing it NOT being in my current reality.

I was totally preventing my desire from coming to me by looking at what is, and that my desire hadn’t come. I perpetuated it NOT coming. Click here to read about this game I played that taught me oh so much!

I had to train myself to remove my focus from what I was not manifesting to how it feels once it is manifested. This simple shift of focus, reconnecting to the essence of my desire, and my future self already living the manifestation of my dreams, was what actually put me into a place of surrender and then the desire came right it. 

It was a great lesson early on in my journey of learning how to use Law of Attraction to manifest my dreams.


Law of Attraction Tip #5?
Future Gratitude

I love this law of attraction tip! I have created so many things in this way, a total law of attraction manifestation technique. All you have to do is to imagine scenes of already living your desire. It is actually all about becoming (imagining) your Future Self and showing gratitude for all that you have created. I have a video that speaks about this power of your imagination to manifest your dreams.

Law of Attraction Tip #5 for how to manifest your deams- embrace gratitudeGet a journal dedicated to Future Appreciation & Gratitude. This has to be written in present time. You just think of these things that you are grateful for, really image manifesting your dream, and writing it down in your journal. Be sure to feel as if they have already come, feel the essence they bring, soak this feeling into every cell of your body. Really soak it in.

There is so much power that comes from taking the thoughts out of your head and writing them down on paper. By writing them down you are putting them into your physical reality. This physical reality.

Each day write down 5 to 10 future gratitude statements. As you write them down be sure to really feel it as if it has already taken place. I like to write 5 or more current real time gratitude statements and then flip the page and write 5 or more Future Gratitude statements, feeling as if I have already manifested my dreams.

Put yourself in the scene that you are writing about. Feel the energy taking place, the reactions of people around you, the weather, the time, really anything that is part of the story. Especially the essence that they give to you!

You must feel it as if it already took place. Feel the gratitude and appreciation as you write. I have created many things in this way.

Discover how to manifest your dreams and remove unconscious blocks to your heartfelt intentions with Certified Law of Attraction & Manifestation Coach Linda Armstrong. Linda is also a “Core Beliefs Buster”, Certified Energy Healer, Theta Healer, GATE Method and Reiki practitioner.

How to Manifest Your Dreams Tip #6
Give it up to Spirit

Invoke your Guides and Angels to guide you on this magical journey to manifesting your dreams. Get into that high vibe place of feeling the essence of your desire. Really bring that vibe, that essence, into your body. 

How to manifest your dreams Tip #6This raises your vibration, and puts you into a higher frequency where it’s easy to connect to Spirit. From that high vibe place tell your Guides what you desire and put them to work. 

Call in their assistance to send you the right inspiration at the right time. They will guide you. They will send you signs. Be sure to pay attention to the many ways that Spirit makes contact.  It’s all about Surrender and Divine Timing.

At first it feels so hard to do this. We are so conditioned to try and figure it all out ourselves. But when you are so stuck in your own head you limit the many possibilities and your vision becomes to focused on thinking it has to come in a particular way.

By giving it up to Spirit you not only free yourself, which assists you in staying High Vibe, but you open to so many more possible ways in which you can manifest your dream. Plus, Spirit is expert at knowing in what way the desire can come that is for your highest good. 


How to Manifest Your Dreams Tip #7
Cancel that!

This one is very simple yet oh, so POWERFUL. This is a MUST DO!

How to manifest your dreams & how law of attraction works tip #7Every time you have a thought come in that tells you how your dream will never come true… you simply state out load to the Universe… CANCEL THAT!

The subconscious mind holds so many limiting beliefs, patterns and programs to do not support you. So many buried deep down that it brings up the worst case scenario every chance it gets.

It’s so good at it that most times we don’t even realize the things that we are saying to ourselves out load and in our minds. It’s crazy. But once you take notice of this you can reclaim your power and simply state “CANCEL THAT”

It’s like rolling back the tape and deleting the statement. 

Everything you think and say is sent out as energy into the universe. If that thought or statement is opposite of your desire or actually supports it NOT manifesting in your life, then you simply delete it. 

Call it back, cancel it, tell the Universe you are changing your order. Then simply state what you DO desire. Cancel, delete and replace!

This puts you into conscious awareness, no longer manifesting by default. You now are very aware and catch yourself anytime that you put out energy that does not support manifesting your dreams.

There you go, all you need to know on how to manifest your dreams by combining Law of Attraction how to, Spirit Connection and the power of coming from your Heart. You’ve got this!

Easy, peasy!

Have fun with this and ask any questions in the comments box below. I would love to help you become a Magical Manifesting Master!

Peace, Love & Light,



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Discover how to manifest your dreams and remove unconscious blocks to your heartfelt intentions with Certified Law of Attraction & Manifestation Coach Linda Armstrong. Linda is also a “Core Beliefs Buster”, Certified Energy Healer, Theta Healer, GATE Method and Reiki practitioner.

Work (& Play) with Linda!