How to Start a Meetup Group: MEETUP MASTERY TRAINING

Have you been thinking about launching your own Meetup Group, or any other type of in-person community?

It’s time to stop waiting. The only person who needs to give you permission to start your own Meetup group is YOU.

If you’ve felt confused about where to begin or how to ensure that your Meetup is a success, you’re in luck!

Jessie May’s webinar replay is a free training about how she built the most active and loved women’s entrepreneurial Meetup group in Colorado – Daring Divas.

During this free training, she’ll show you how to use Meetup to…

  • Immediately increase your credibility and position yourself as a sought-after expert in your area.
  • Attract new clients (consistently) without having to sell anything!
  • Make a positive impact in your community.

She’ll also teach you…

  • The 6 things that must be in place before you launch your Meetup group.
  • The top 3 Meetup mistakes that cost thousands of Meetup leaders income, impact and credibility, and how to avoid them.
  • The ONE thing you must do to inspire people to join your Meetup group.
  • How to keep your members coming back again and again.

If you want to start your own Meetup group but…

  • You’re afraid no one will show up,
  • You worry that it won’t pay off in the form of new clients and more income,
  • You think you need additional training and skills before you can step up and be the leader you know you were born to be…

Then you don’t want to miss this training! Watch the replay above NOW!

She will be pulling back the veil – sharing the mistakes she made along the way that slowed her impact and earning potential so you don’t have to make them too!

Jessie May also shares the strategies she’s  put in place that made it possible to build a highly successful business using the Meetup platform.

People have asked me for years how I’ve built a Meetup group as successful as Daring Divas, and now I’m finally going to share all of my secrets!

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own Meetup group, you won’t want to miss this opportunity because as far as I know, nobody else is teaching this!

About Our Guest Presenter & Expert Community Builder Jessie May:

How to Start a Meetup Group with Community Builder and Tribe Building Strategiest Jessie May KezeleJessie May is a personal-branding and tribe-building strategist for visionary entrepreneurs who need to be the inspirational face of their business so they can attract a lot of followers to their message!

She’s a true believer that the more you bring YOURSELF to the forefront of your brand, the more your business will thrive. So she’s set out to transform forgettable businesses into memorable brands that reflect their owner’s natural essence.

In addition to her international personal branding business, Jessie May is the founder of Daring Divas, the most active Meetup group for women entrepreneurs in Boulder, CO with over 2,400 members and growing.

Since 2011, Daring Divas has hosted over 600 events designed to cultivate connections that lead to new business opportunities, as well as lifelong friendships that reap benefits in business and beyond.

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