How to tell when you are NOT Grounded

After watching this video you will be more aware of when you are NOT grounded and what you can easily do to get grounded and centered within yourself.

Recognizing when you are NOT Grounded is key to being in the moment, fully present and aware. Many times we find ourselves feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stuck in the mental chatter of problems or just plain spaced out. These are signs that you are not grounded. It is very hard to achieve your goals and create your desires from a NOT grounded space.

It is so much easier to reach your goals when you are grounded. PLUS, you will just feel so much better. It’s pretty easy to become not grounded, with how busy our lives are today. BUT, the good news is that it’s really easy to ground back in.

In this video I go over symptoms of being not grounded and give easy solutions, simple grounding techniques, that you can easily implement to feel grounded once more.

These are very simple tips to staying grounded which will raise your vibration so that you can feel fully present in your day to day. With a little practice you will find that staying grounded is quite simple.

Take a look at my video on MIND CHATTER (one symptom of being NOT Grounded),, to learn of the effect it has on your body and the importance of quieting the negative mind chatter.

I would love for you to comment below on which of these symptoms you experience, and if you knew that it was an indication of being NOT Grounded.

Peace, Love & Light,



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