Empath Protection Tools: Daily Energy Practices for Empaths (join Wendy De Rosa)

Empath Protection Tools: How to Clear Negative Energy Do you tend to take on other people’s energy — and have been doing so since you were a child? (Could be a sign you’re an empath! Though you don’t “need” protection, some empath “protection” tools may help you.))

Does this pattern create anxiety because you have trouble “finding your center?”

You can transform this tendency by learning how to “occupy your full energetic body,” says author, trainer, and intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa.

And, when you do take on someone’s energy in an unhealthy way, knowing how to clear it out so you don’t feel drained, scattered, and disconnected from your own power.

This week, you can discover how to shift a lifelong pattern of taking on other people’s energy — and how to set healthy boundaries and begin to fully inhabit your own energy system.

I hope you’ll join us on Saturday, June 23, for Clearing Other People’s Energy & Setting Healthy Boundaries: Daily Energy Practices for Empaths to Stay Centered, Calm & in Their Power. (if you miss this live event, you can access the recording here.)

You can find out more and register here for this FREE virtual event.

In this free video event on how to clear negative energy, you’ll discover:

  • 3 Steps to cleraing negative energy with Wendy DeRosa and The Shift NetworkA simple grounding practice to help you stop taking on other people’s energy — at work, in your friendships, and within your most intimate relationships
  • Why connecting with your lower body helps you stay grounded in your own power center
  • The reasons you’re picking up on (and absorbing) the energy of others
  • The gift of empathy and being sensitive to other people’s energy (it’s where your true power is!)
  • Old energy patterns can be cleared too, effectively resetting your system to be aligned with your natural energies.

Wendy teaches that when we’re unfulfilled, tired, and rundown, or we have experienced trauma or violations of our boundaries at a young age, the unmet needs inside of us essentially leave an “energy vacancy.”  We’re then more susceptible to other people’s energy and emotional pain, which can be draining — and which can throw us off center and out of touch with our own needs and desires.

Applying Wendy’s practices and using her empath “protection” tools, you’ll be able to go through your day and interact with people from a much more empowered and grounded place!

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P.S. Please don’t miss this powerful event with Wendy De Rosa, to discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy so you can liberate your intuitive healing gifts!

Save your space here for how to clear negative energy: Clearing Other People’s Energy & Setting Healthy Boundaries.

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