Sacred Spaces Decor Ideas Editors Picks from Etsy

Discover Beautiful Things on Etsy for Your Sacred Spaces

We’ve consciously curated unique items for sacred spaces that are intended to provide thoughtful gift ideas for your Devotee, one who is intentional about honoring self-love, self-care, and the Divine Source of us all.

Today’s unique collection is provides unique sacred space decor ideas to enhance or redesign a sacred space.


About Today’s Favorite Things on Etsy for Your Sacred Spaces

Many people struggle with thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas. And many like to turn to Etsy for beautiful handmade gifts. But, if you are like most people, it can be overwhelming to sort through the massive selection of offerings on Etsy.

As a home furnishings and gift buyer, artist, and interior designer it is my absolute pleasure to consciously curate the finer things in life on Etsy.

Today’s collection of  sacred decor ideas include:

  1. Hand-carved flower of life shelf, wall hanging, Woodburn, sacred geometry art Price: $85.00 by LucidWoodCo Natural jewelry from the forest floor. Columbus, Nebraska
  2. Sacred Spaces Smudging Kit Price: $65.00 by shopamongtheflowers earthly. wild. skin health. beauty Placerville, California
  3. Embroidery Meditation Set Zafu & Zabuton with Buckwheat hulls Mandala Linen Floor cushions Meditation pillow pouf PillowSeat Yoga Price: $95.00+ by  HempOrganicLife The best organic hemp products for your life
  4. MEDICINE FEATHER Sheild for your Sacred Space.:Altar//Home Déco//Felt Merino Wool//Painted Wood//Fringes and Tassels//Nature Art//Wall Art
    Price:$170.00 by SolMundoArt Handmade Creations Inspired by the Sacred Québec, Canada

More Beautiful Things for Your Sacred Space

Today’s collection includes:

  1. Natural White Linen Altar Cloth Table Mat, Artisan Hand Woven Spiritual Mindful Prayer Zen Meditation Feng Shui Air Earth Element Decor
    Price: $125.00 by  aclhandweaver Artful Living & Natural Style Artisan Woven Textiles Massachusetts, United States
  2. ZenVizion 5.31″ 7 Chakras & Sri Yantra Set, Wooden Wall Art Hanging, Home Decor, Sacred Geometry Laser Cut Sculpture, Crystal Grid Price: $95.75 by Zenvizion Portal into your Soul Hana, Hawaii
  3. Wood Mountain Shelf, Wood Crystal Display, Crystal Altar Shelf, Essential Oil Display Shelf, Geometric Shelves, Boho Wall Decor, Gem Display Price: $194.95+ by topazandpine Metaphysical decor to enhance your sacred space Chemainus, Canada
  4. Fluorite Octohedron Crystal Sets Specially selected for grids, sacred space, altars, shrines, etc. Price: $24.00+ by CrystalGridShop ॐ Unique items for creating your healing crystal grid ॐ
  5. Moon Night Light Lamp for Sacred Spaces Price: $31.60 by ToveStore Lamps and lighting designed with passion Asia

More Artisan Decor Inspirations

This curated collection includes:

  1. Customizable Triple Dream Catcher with Stones, Holistic Office Decoration, Yoga Ornament, Meditation Pendant, Sacred Space Gift Price:  $135.00+ by ArMoniZar Crystal Dream Catcher Authentic Willow Nature Inspired Capilla del Monte, Argentina
  2. Natural Citrine tower cluster with custom wood stand for your sacred spaces Price $195.00  by LuaAndSkye☽ Hand-picked crystals, magical & vintage treasures ☽
  3. Yoga art, original spiritual wall art for sacred spaces, Meditation painting, original watercolor yoga wall art, mindfulness wall art, Price: $169.66 by LovRichArtwork Watercolor Art prints, Mindful Wall Art, Yoga Art Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  4. CRYSTAL SEED Sphere Stand – Sacred Space – Crystals – Woodland Wonders Price: $60.00 by CrystalLifeBlessings Crystal Life Blessings
  5. Handmade tile altar shelf shrine your choice of tile, customize your altar meditation shelf Price: $118.00 by StoneHaloTileWorx Bas relief art tiles, stone bowls, modern folk art Bakersville, North Carolina

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I hope you enjoy our consciously curated “Great Finds & Favorite Thingson Etsy  These consciously curated artisan-quality home decor ideas for your sacred spaces are intended to spark your imagination for creating your own sacred space for self-care and devotion to life.

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