Podcast S1 E2: Healing Ancestral Wounds Interview with Gemma Benton

Interview with Gemma Benton


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Healing Ancestral Wounds? What Does This Mean?

Today we discuss the significance of understanding our ancestral connections, “reweaving” our ancestral stories and healing ancestral wounds.

Discover how disowning ancestral shame and trauma can have a negative impact on your own life and block you from experiencing the life you had hoped for.

Knowing, and reweaving, our ancestral story is at the heart of a well-lived life because we are witnessing the truth of our lineage, the difficulties that have been surmounted, and the wisdom that has been earned.

Instead of being a solo seeker adrift in life and seeking a home, we carry our home within us — the flesh and bone and memories of thousands of lives, all culminating with us. If we access this vast field of experience, we become more empowered, wiser, and authentic. We better understand who we are and where we are headed.

Healing Ancestral Wounds with Gemma BentonAbout Gemma Benton

Gemma B. Benton is a traditional Native American singer, spiritual activist, mixed media artist, storyteller, and the coordinator for the Healing Story Alliance. Through her transformational art workshops, Gemma shares stories and wisdom gathered during her 27 years of working in Native American and Indigenous communities. Gemma is the creator of the Ancestors Journey online creative course that uses storytelling, sacred song, art, and ritual to empower people to heal the wounds passed down through the generations by our ancestors.

She and her husband live in the Sacramento, California area where they spend their free time participating in cultural projects, restorative justice and interfaith community programs, and spiritual activism. Together they enjoy art and music and being in nature.

You can connect with Gemma on her website at GemmBBenton.com.

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Reweaving Your Ancestral Story with Gemma Benton

Reweaving Your Ancestral Story with Gemma Benton

Are there parts of yourself, your family history and your ancestral story that you’ve lost touch with?

If so, how might your life change if you could reconnect with your ancestral story and witness the truth of your lineage, the difficulties that have been surmounted, and the wisdom that has been earned?

You might become more empowered, wiser, and better able to understand who you are and where you’re headed.

Perhaps you’d also feel a deeper sense of belonging, of your place in the world — and be better able to navigate life and cultivate a brighter future for yourself and others.

Native American spiritual activist, storyteller, teacher, and singer Gemma Benton will show you how to connect more fully with your ancestors through story and song during a complimentary video event: Reweaving Your Ancestral Story: Ritual, Story & Song to Remember ‘the Forgotten,’ Heal the Past & Rekindle Belonging.

You may still be able to gain access to the recording of this event here.

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