Eckhart Tolle Presents: The Power of Presence

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Explore moving from obsessive mental activity to the spaciousness of Presence in Eckhart Tolle’s 8 week program – The Power of Presence.

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Humanity is in the midst of a collective awakening or “flowering” of consciousness. It is up to each one of us to start with ourselves, embrace this shift, and allow the unfolding of something beyond the mind.

“The arising of what I call Presence is how the dysfunction of the human mind is transcended,” explains Eckhart. “When consciousness ‘flowers,’ then the human mind is no longer something that creates unnecessary suffering—it becomes something helpful, useful, and potentially capable of achieving miraculous things.”

Practicing Presence may be the kindest action we can take for our own growth and that of humanity—because we are all connected, as we change individually we assist in making shifts in the collective.

Presence is a sense of aliveness that is always available. It is our mental noise and identification with what Eckhart calls “the voice in the head” that obscures this experience of aliveness. When we discover that there is a dimension in which thinking doesn’t happen at all—or is seen as unimportant—we begin to open to what Eckhart means by “the power of Presence.”



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