Discover The Spirit of SEL Symposium or the Social Emotional Learning Startegies Symposium 2023

Join the Spirit of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Symposium presented by The Shift Network running February 11th-12th, 2023: Discover how to revive the heartbeat of education so students and teachers can thrive. Learn about designing a heart-centered education model that works. Explore a robust toolkit to empower you & your students. Learn mindfulness practices for teachers, counselors & administrators, and a new paradigm in education that launches an innovative instruction model.

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Designing a Heart-Centered Education Model That Works

Social emotional activities-A robust toolkit to empower you & your studentWhat if all children could be equipped with the intellectual, social, and emotional tools they need to navigate this journey successfully we call life? And what if you could also feel centered, confident, and emotionally resourced as you hold space for your students to thrive?

Now is the time to make this vision a reality. It is, in fact, imperative.

Welcome to The Spirit of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Symposium 2023!

This informative and experiential event has been created specifically for teachers, counselors, and school administrators — to help you self-regulate emotionally, so that you can more effectively and compassionately create classrooms that vibrate with the gentle, grounded, yet authoritative energy your students need to excel in these tumultuous and uncertain times.

The goal is to revive the heartbeat of education — through an increase of connection, kindness, and love that supports conscious educators like you who can then emanate resilience and peace in the classroom…

… strengthening your internal resources while calming your students and soothing their trauma so they can do their best work. 

This symposium offers you practical tools, such as quick-and-easy mindfulness exercises you can turn to during the day to help you stay calm and centered, preventing the burnout that can occur when your reserves are depleted.  

You’ll also discover how proven SEL (social-emotional learning) techniques can improve not only EQ (emotional intelligence), but also quantifiable academic achievement outcomes for your students.

Online Event
The Spirit of SEL Symposium:
Reviving the Heartbeat of Education so
Students and Teachers Can Thrive
February 11–12, 2023

Reviving the heartbeat of education so students and teachers can thrive

29 gifted speakers — including Bessel Van Der Kolk, Marianne Williamson, Ashanti Branch, Houston Kraft, Meena Srinivasan, Jamila Thomas, Ilana Nankin, PhD, Dr. Christopher Willard, and many others — will be supporting your teaching journey with simple yet powerful tools you can immediately apply in the classroom to create more peace, calm, stability, and centeredness for you and your students. 

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This inspiring lineup of thoughtfully selected social-emotional learning experts from around the world will offer you actionable insights, practices, and demonstrations… 

… weaving together honest, inspiring conversations with leading-edge thought leaders in the transformational education space with experiential activities you can master right now

During this unparalleled 2-day gathering for social-emotional learning strategies, you’ll discover:

  • Mindfulness practices for teachers, counselors & administratorsTips on incorporating mindfulness self-care for teachers into your daily practice — and the neuroscience supporting mindfulness as a mechanism of positive change
  • How the three doors of trust, surrender, and compassion can enhance alignment, harmony, joy, and grace in your day-to-day life 
  • The definition of a beloved learning community and how to develop adult competencies and facilitation skills to make classrooms safe places for children to thrive 
  • The transformative impact of positive community building and behavior support on student engagement — leading to high student EQ (emotional intelligence) and academic achievement 
  • An exercise that can shift awareness and create conversations that invite students into the space of acceptance and inner light 
  • How teachers are currently being equipped through SEL (social-emotional learning) training to meet the unprecedented post-pandemic challenges experienced in the classroom
  • And much more…

Join me to take a deep breath, replenish your soul after another trying year, and connect with others worldwide who are on the same path. 

You are not alone… you are part of a global community of teachers, counselors, and school administrators striving to educate and guide thoughtful, conscious, socially aware children into maturity as functional adults who are well-prepared for life’s journey.

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This site contains affiliate links to products, online events, and tools for personal transformation. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links