Talk about “HIGH VIBE”…

  • Traditional Christmas music…check!
  • Luciano Pavorotti…check!
  • Jose Carreras…check!
  • Placido Domingo…check!
  • Opera…check!
  • 2 or more coming together…check!

The KING COMBO, likely 575 on the Map of Consciousness®

If you’d like a little inner peace this week, play this all day long in the background.

BTW…your animals will LOVE this! They know high vibe…

High Vibe Songs of the Day:

Christmas in Vienna with The Three Tenors

Start Your Day on a HIGH NOTE!
Conscious Music for an Awakening World

High Vibe Songs of the Day Christmas in Vienna with the Three Tenors with Luciano Pavorotti

Christmas in Vienna 1999 The Three Tenors L.Pavarotti, J.Carreras,P.Domingo. Recorded Live at the Konzerthaus,Vienna, Austria, on December 23, 1999

The Three Tenors with JOse CarrerasINDEX SONG MEDLEY

1 – White Christmas 1:24
2 – Let It Snow
3 – Oh Tannenbaum
4 – Ay! Para Navidad
8:07 ——————————————-
5 – Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle
6 – Carol of the Drum

MEDLEY 7 – Ave Maria, Dolce Maria 16:54

8 – Wiegenlied 19:54 ——————————————–
9 – Jingle Bells

The Three Tenors with Placido DomingoMEDLEY 10 – Children of Christmas
11 – La Virgen Lava Pañales
12 – I’ll Be Home for Christmas
27:40 ——————————————————-
13 – Adeste Fideles
14 – Cantique de Noël
15 – Amazing Grace
16 – Feliz Navidad
17 – Silent Night
18 – Pregaria

MEDLEY 19 – Winter Wonderland 55:27
20 – Wiegenlied
21 – Sleigh Ride
22 – Susani
1:04:00 —————————————————
23 – Un Nuevo Siglo

The Three Tenors with Luciano PavorottiMEDLEY 24 – Dormi, O Bambino 1:10:45
25 – Happy Christmas/War Is Over

Map of Consciousness® Calibration Range


The level of consciousness of the 500s on the map is the land of LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and INNER JOY. It’s the mighty spiritual domain of non-linear truth. This is also the beginning of the Angelic Realm, the land of the Saint (570), and Enlightened Leadership, which is rare in our world.

Listening to songs that calibrate in the 500s and above can bring tears of joy and recognition of true beauty and love into your life.

The level of consciousness of PEACE and the beginning of true ENLIGHTENMENT IS 600.

To put this into greater context, only 15% of the people on the planet calibrate above 200 on the map. The consciousness calibration of the earth is around 207.

What Are Other High Vibe Music in the 500s We’ve Shared?

  1. Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 2.0 Singing Sleep
  2. The National Anthem with Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church
  3. How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees
  4. Your Love is King by Sade
  5. Come Away with Me by Nora Jones
  6. Lady by The Little River Band
  7. Let Your Love Flow by The Bellamy Brothers
  8. By Your Side by Sade
  9.  What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship
  10. Suddenly by Billy Ocean

High Vibe Song of the Da from The Mind Body Spirit Network

Intentions for Our Consciously Curated Songs of the Day

The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsOur intention for the High Vibe Tribe Song of the Day is to start your day off on a HIGH NOTE and put into context what “high vibe music” really is.

The consciousness calibrations of each song are based on research into consciousness, the life work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, as elucidated in his renowned Map of Consciousness® and book Power vs Force.

If interested in raising your level of consciousness and putting into a context where TRUE power really exists, check out the Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness podcast here, or videocast on on YouTube here.

Dr. David R. Hawkins-Make your life a living prayer

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