Caroline Casey FREE Online Event
(How to Make the Gods Work for YOU using the power of astrology to increase synchronicity and conjure up a magical life)

Making the Gods Work for YOu with Caroline CaseyDid you know that the sun, moon and planets hold evolutionary intelligence that you can tap into for guidance in your life?

According to Caroline Casey, visionary activist astrologer and author, “Astrology is a language that catalyzes your memory of your mission.”

On Saturday, August 19, Caroline will present Making the Gods Work for You: Using the Power of Astrology to Increase Synchronicity & Conjure a Magical Life. This FREE online workshop will help you begin to tap the power of astrology to liberate your gifts and fulfill your destiny

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Caroline has been at the forefront of new-paradigm spirituality and in the trenches of Washington, DC politics since she was a wee little girl. She’s deeply informed by astrological wizardry and social-change savvy.

The Shift Network presents Caroline Casy Astology ExpertDuring this FREE video event with the brilliant, delightfully wild Caroline, you’ll discover:

  • How the sun, planets and moon can help you navigate your life and evolve our world
  • Ways to conjure a magical life (as you define it!) through the insights of astrology
  • How to increase synchronicity in your life through the wisdom of astrology
  • The liberating force of Trickster and how YOU can engage with “positive intrigue of transformation of culture”
  • Principles of Visionary Activist Astrology — allowing us to navigate the “dire danger of now with jaunty aplomb”

More than anything, you’ll begin to discover that when you know how to engage in the dynamic story in the stars and planets, magic happens and synchronicity abounds!

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker, veteran activist, or curious evolutionary, you’ll love the ways that Caroline lights a path to your true self and a more magical world…

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Liz Gracia Publisher and Editor in ChiefFounder & Editor in Chief

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to join Caroline Casey to discover how astrology can liberate you from the “prison of the expected” and help you fulfill your destiny…


A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.