Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Trademark attorney Adrienne Fischer to our weekly online meetup group. Adrienne clarified many questions we all had in regards to trademarks including what to expect in the trademarking process, how long will it take and what’s the cost of trademarking your business brand.

Here’s the jest of what we covered:

  • What is a Trademark;
  • What is Trademarkable;
  • The Trademark process from search to application;
  • Office actions and things that stop trademarks from being registered; and
  • After you have a trademark, then what?
  • What’s the cost of trademarking?
  • When you register a trademark you pay $275 per category for which you want your trademarked brand protected (this is where the cost can add up!). This does not include the cost of the attorney’s work to help you on this.
  • Trademarking a brand can run upwards of $2,000- $5,000 depending on the number of categories you want to trademark and protect as well as the cost to trademark each aspect of your company brand including the word mark, the logo and any taglines. Each part stands alone in the trademarking process.

In need of a reputable and reliable trademark attorney? Find out more about Adrienne Fischer at… as trademark law is a federal law, she can help people from all over the country and the world the would like to have a US trademark for their business to protect their company brand.


Adrienne Fischer Attorney, Summit Law SolutionsMeet Business and Trademark Attorney Adrienne Fischer

Adrienne Fischer is a small, but scrappy startup attorney in Denver. Adrienne creates quality, affordable, and comprehensive legal solutions to help her clients reach their peak. She works with small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. Adrienne has represented small businesses, the most populous county in the United States, and an up and coming media company. She has mediated cases in some of the busiest courthouses in the U.S. She handles contracts, employment law, business law, and trademarks. She also does conscious contracting for business partners. When Adrienne is not working, she is outside somewhere skiing, hiking, or rock climbing.

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