Sound healing treatments with tuning forksDid you know that a tuning fork can calm your nervous system and promote whole-body healing by harmonizing your biofield (the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body)?

It may sound like science fiction, but a sound-healing “tune-up” conducted with a tuning fork can have very real and positive effects on your emotional and physical — and even your spiritual — wellbeing.

Acclaimed sound-therapy practitioner Eileen McKusick, a global leader in this emerging field, discovered that the human biofield contains a very specific anatomy and physiology — and that it can be successfully modulated with the tone of a simple medical tuning fork to produce consistent and useful therapeutic outcomes.

How does it work? Because your life-force energy has electromagnetic qualities, the right type of sound can detect a physical or emotional imbalance — which shows up as resistance and turbulence in your biofield — and then harmonize this dissonance by sounding coherent tones on and around your body.

Simply put, sound healing through the use of a tuning fork creates vibrational frequencies that allow your body to “tune” itself…

If you’d like to experience the healing effects of a tuning fork, I’ve got exciting news for you…

We are sharing a rare preview of two foundational classes taught by Eileen — so you can experience sound healing conducted with a tuning fork for yourself.

These two powerful sessions are from Eileen’s popular Shift Network course, Your Electric Body, AND her current course, Your Electric Body Tuning Experience (which you can still join!).

This special 2-hour presentation is free, but you must register here to receive access details.

The Shift Network has never before shared online course sessions in this way, but Eileen’s programs with us have been so popular — and helped participants make such amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual shifts in their lives — we just had to share these truly transformational teachings with you.

If you’ve already experienced sound healing, you’ll attest that it can leave you in a delicious state of calm relaxation… stress and pain often dissipate, and feelings of joy filter in…

Eileen’s methods are non-invasive and easy to learn, and this complimentary presentation provides the opportunity for you to experience this remarkable healing modality for yourself.

So please join us to learn more about your “electric body” and biofield — and how sound can slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to ease.

This special presentation is free but requires registration. RSVP here. 

Liz Gracia Editor in Chief & Publisher Scout It Out Guide

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief

P.S. You won’t want to miss this complimentary 2-hour special session with sound-therapy practitioner Eileen McKusick…


  • Gain an understanding of your biofield and how it relates to the health of your “electrical” system
  • Understand the ways in which you may be stuck — and how to get unstuck
  • Recognize the patterns that keep you stuck as “electrical resistance” or noise in the signal of your biofield
  • Receive an adjustment to release resistance and create alignment • Learn how a “tune-up” to your pituitary gland energy zone can improve your body’s overall regulation of heat
  • Understand how a harmonious electromagnetic balance of this energy zone can release tension patterns that can cause headaches, migraines, and eye strain
  • Learn how balancing this energy zone can help you gain new perspectives on life and open to new possibilities

Add your name to the guestlist for this FREE online event this Saturday, August 10, at 10:00am Pacific.

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