Discover the Power of Aligning with God’s Will & What It Means


In this revelatory episode of “1001 Ways to True Power & Conscious Elevated Living,” we explore the profound concept that aligning with God’s Will always brings happiness and success.

Delving into Brian Gibb’s Map of Spiritual Progress, we examine the calibrated levels of consciousness related to this idea, shedding light on the powerful connection between letting go and letting God and happiness and success.

**Episode Highlights:**

Discover the TRUE Proven Power in Surrendering All Low-Level “Stuff”

The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsAs the host of The Awakening Quest Podcast: 1001 Ways to True Power & Conscious, Elevated Living, I am on a mission to educate you on where and what TRUE power is in consciousness. In other words, where can you access the “energy” of true power?

First of all, it can be discovered in the renowned and esteemed Map of Consciousness®, the book The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. Hawkins, and the Map of Spiritual Progress by Brian Gibbs, Founder of

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll learn that TRUE power is only accessible at 200 or above on these scales of consciousness. The logarithmic scales are 0-1,000. They are quantum in nature s each point on the scale is a log 10. As an example, 200 is 10 to the 200th power. 350 is 10 to the 350th power. If you understand logs, you’ll “get” how quantum and consequential the scale is.

If you want TRUE power, you need alignment with the “energy” for which you want true power. For example, if you wish to have faith in God or anything, you need to align with and remove the blocks to the impersonal energy field of around 335, which is the calibration of the energy of faith in consciousness.

So, let’s put this into further context:

Most of the world’s population operates at lower levels of consciousness, below 200.

Power vs Force by Dr. David R. HawkinsAccording to Dr. Hawkins’s consciousness research, God’s Will calibrates at 850 on the map, or 10 to the 850th power. This is HUGE and quantum in nature.  It is so far beyond the consciousness of most humans, even humans above 200, that it’s difficult (for the ego) to accept God’s Will is far superior to our relatively powerless individual will. Source: Power vs Force

SURRENDERING TO GOD’S WILL, or simply surrendering anything to a higher power, is another one of what I call “Power Plays” in consciousness. The ego and lower mind firmly believe it is the source of all power, which in consciousness research,  “holds no truth” in consciousness.

My associate, Brian Gibbs, at ConsciousnessCalibrations, receives many calibration requests from community members and subscribers regarding surrender.

There are so many interesting ones; I’ll share just a few here. But you can subscribe to and see all of them by searching for “surrender.” A whole list of fascinating topics will pop up. You can get started for free and access approximately 75% of the calibration database. I am a paid subscriber because I derive so much value in all that the community and calibrations provide.

“Do the Math!” To Surrender is a Leap in True Power

Community members and paid subscribers at ConsciousnessCalibrations.con can request calibrations of general interest topics that serve the entire community. Here are some you will eventually “get”…and who knows, you may “get” it and flip the switch immediately on accepting the truth about what it means to surrender in general or surrender to a higher power or God’s Will:

Surrender at great depth is accepting true power

Photo by Sarbajit Sen:

1. surrender at great depth

This means surrendering high-magnitude payoffs, the “juice,” whether a boost or suppression of experiencing a positionality. Peace is realized when there is neither attraction nor aversion to the most “juice” human life has on offer.

cal. 585 (550 – 600) (ave = 10 to the 585th power)

2. surrendering all expectations for oneself and others

Request: The AA saying goes, “An expectation is a premeditated resentment.” I tend to resent myself when I fail to achieve certain expectations.

cal. 540

Photo by Brett Sayles

3. “surrender it to God, and hope for the best”

Request: sometimes, when surrendering something to God, we might expect a negative outcome. But maybe it’s helpful to be mindful of one’s expectations, and perhaps they, too, can be surrendered to God

cal. 535

Here, you can access even more compelling calibrations of the true power of accepting surrender as a roadmap to success in all areas of life.


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God’s Will Meaning

What does it mean to surrender to God?

Photo by Alex Azabache

God’s Will and God’s Will Be Done According to Modern Spiritual Teachings

When we speak about “God’s Will” and “God’s Will be done” through the lens of modern spiritual teachings and Dr. David R. Hawkins’s higher consciousness research and direct experience with surrendering to God’s Will at great depth, we delve into a nuanced understanding far removed from Old Testament interpretations.

The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New TestamentAccording to consciousness research, the Old Testament is of lower consciousness and should be disregarded. It “holds no truth” in consciousness. It is, by nature, energetically downward-pulling, negatively oriented, and destructive.  In other words, avoid it.

The New Testament is a different story.

According to Hawkins, aligning with God’s Will is synonymous with choosing higher energy, higher truths, and true power. This is where one surrenders personal ego, the lower mind, and the individual will and aligns with the divine energy of the Self.

This surrender is not about exertion or force but a peaceful invitation to a higher power that flows effortlessly through one’s existence[1]. His teachings on the Spiritual Will detail this concept, highlighting that true spiritual alignment requires relinquishing ego-driven control and trust in divine wisdom[1].

Get instant access to the Map of Spiritual Progress and check out the level of  850 on this map.

God's Will means freedom from the struggle

Photo by Olga

Dr. Hawkins describes consciousness levels ranging from low frequencies of negative emotions like shame and guilt to high frequencies associated with love, joy, peace, and enlightenment[^2]. God’s Will operates at these elevated levels, facilitating a state of being where obstacles and struggles are minimized as individuals resonate with higher vibrational frequencies[^2].

Comparatively, the Old Testament interpretation often views God’s Will as an external command to be followed without question, usually linked to rigid laws and obedience. The Old Testament perceives God as punishing or perceiving from lower levels of consciousness. Lower levels “hold no truth.”

In contrast, Hawkins’ perspective visualizes God’s Will as an inherent alignment with the universe’s natural flow, achieved through higher consciousness and spiritual surrender[^3].

Key similarities lie in reverence and submission to a higher power, but the modern interpretation emphasizes cooperative energy rather than fear-driven obedience[4]. This execution of God’s Will translates into life-changing acts of love, compassion, and peace, suggesting that, at higher consciousness levels, individuals become conduits for divine energy, hence positively impacting the world[3].

Ultimately, Hawkins’ teachings encourage us to elevate our consciousness to harmonize with God’s Will, rendering our actions naturally aligned with a greater cosmic plan, echoing the sentiment of “God’s Will be done” through spiritual enlightenment and inner peace[^4].

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Take Your Intention to Surrender Even Further

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What Does It Mean to Surrender in General?

What does it mean to surrender in general?

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Surrender According to Dr. David R. Hawkins: A Detailed Comparison

Dr. David R. Hawkins’ research into and experience of the mechanism of letting go and The Pathway to Surrender revolves around the concept of letting go of emotional baggage to awaken to and align with higher states of consciousness. In general terms, surrender means fully allowing oneself to experience emotions without resistance.

Hawkins teaches that when we let feelings arise and flow through us without trying to modify, judge, or suppress them, we liberate the energy behind those emotions[^1]. This process is known as the Letting Go Technique, which involves staying present with the feeling until it dissipates, leading to a lighter and more peaceful state[^1].

Hawkins’ broader idea of surrender envisions it as an essential path to achieving mental clarity and emotional freedom. The steps include recognizing the emotion, experiencing it without interference, and surrendering any resistance to it[^2]. This method helps eliminate negative emotions, thereby fostering improved mental and physical health and better relationships, and success in various life aspects[^1].

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What Does It mean to Surrender to God or a Higher Power?

What does it mean to surrender to God?Surrendering to God in Hawkins’ Consciousness Research and Direct Experience

Hawkins states surrendering to God carries a more profound spiritual dimension than general surrender. It involves relinquishing one’s ego-driven desires and control to align with divine will[^3]. This surrender demands turning exclusively to love and divine guidance as sources of joy and fulfillment. Unlike essential emotional release, divine surrender requires a deeper submission to a higher power, eventually leading to transformative rewards, including peace and enlightenment[^3].

In his seminal work “Power vs. Force,” Hawkins contrasts force—rooted in ego—with power, which emanates from higher consciousness and spiritual alignment[^4]. Force is limited and often counterproductive, while power, drawing from divine surrender, is expansive and life-affirming[^4]. Divine surrender dismantles the ego’s survival programs, gradually revealing one’s true self that is in harmony with universal consciousness[^5].

Letting Go The Pathway to Surrender by Dr. David R. HawkinsKey Differences:

  • General Surrender: Focuses on emotional freedom by allowing feelings to flow and dissipate naturally[^1].
  • Divine Surrender involves deep spiritual submission, aligning personal will with divine will for greater inner peace and holistic transformation[3].
  • Outcome: While both forms foster enlightenment, divine surrender provides a more profound spiritual transformation by overcoming the ego and achieving unity with a higher consciousness[^5].

These two layers of surrender collectively guide individuals toward a more enlightened and spiritually awakened existence—balancing emotional wellness and deeper spiritual fulfillment.

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What Are the Three Things Involved in Surrendering to God?

In surrendering to God's Will one must accept that there's no such thing as control.


Surrendering to God is a profound spiritual act that involves several key steps. According to various spiritual teachings, including those found in Christian and other religious traditions, this process has three primary components.

  • First, one must accept that there’s no such thing as control. This means recognizing that our attempts to control every aspect of our lives are futile and that true peace comes from trusting in God’s plan. This acceptance is often the hardest step, as it requires letting go of deeply ingrained habits and beliefs about self-sufficiency.
  • The second step is to review your story. This involves reflecting on your life experiences, understanding how they have shaped you, and seeing them through the lens of divine purpose. Doing so lets you identify patterns where you have resisted God’s will and recognize moments when surrendering brought unexpected blessings. This reflection helps to build trust in God’s wisdom and timing, reinforcing the belief that His plans are ultimately for our good.
  • Finally, the third step is to move forward with trust. After accepting the lack of control and reviewing your story, the next phase is actively trusting God with your future. This means making daily decisions that align with His will, even when the path is unclear or challenging. Trusting God involves continuous prayer, seeking His guidance, and being open to His direction in all aspects of life.

By embracing these three steps—acceptance, reflection, and trust—you can fully surrender to God and experience the peace and fulfillment that come from aligning with His divine will.

What are the three things you need to surrender to God?

Surrendering to God involves yielding control over five critical areas of your life:

  1. your soul,
  2. your body,
  3. and your possessions.
What are the three things you need to surrender to God?

Photo by Marcus Aurelius

Firstly, surrendering your soul means entrusting your innermost being—your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual essence—to God’s guidance. This faith acknowledges that true peace and fulfillment come from aligning your inner self with divine will.

Secondly, surrendering your body entails offering God your actions and physical existence. This means living in a way that honors Him, making choices that reflect His teachings, and using your physical capabilities to serve His purpose. Doing so lets you recognize that your body is a vessel for God’s work on Earth.

Lastly, surrendering your possessions involves letting go of material attachments and recognizing that everything you have is a gift from God. This doesn’t mean abandoning your responsibilities but rather managing your resources in a way that aligns with His will. By surrendering your possessions, you cultivate a stewardship mindset, using what you have to further God’s kingdom and help others.

Struggling to surrender to God is a common challenge many believers face.

Surrendering to God can be astruggle due to our egoic binds and resistance to lettting go and letting God

Photo by Ron Lach

One significant reason for this struggle is the misconception that surrender equates to giving up control and becoming passive.

However, true surrender is an active process of acknowledging our limitations and choosing to depend on God’s strength and wisdom.

This act of dependence allows us to dwell in the reality of our inadequacy and opens the door to experiencing God’s power in our lives.

By letting go of our need to control every aspect of our lives, we make room for God’s divine intervention and guidance.

Struggling to surrender to God is a common challenge many believers face.

Photo by

Another major hurdle in surrendering to God is our attachment to personal plans and agendas. Often, we are so focused on achieving our goals and desires that we resist aligning with God’s will, fearing it might derail our ambitions. This short-sightedness prevents us from seeing God’s bigger picture in store for us.

Trusting in God’s timing and purpose requires humility and the willingness to let go of immediate gratification for long-term fulfillment.

By surrendering our plans to God, we allow Him to lead us towards paths that bring true success and joy, even if they differ from our initial expectations.

Shame and guilt over past mistakes can also hinder our ability to surrender to God. These feelings create a barrier between us and God’s mercy, making approaching Him with an open heart difficult.

It is essential to remember that God’s way is one of love and forgiveness. Embracing His mercy involves letting go of self-sufficiency and pride and, instead, accepting His grace. By doing so, we can overcome the obstacles of shame and guilt, fully surrender, and experience the transformative power of God’s love in our lives.

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