1001 Ways to Higher Consciousness – Why Neutral is My #1 “Go-To” Way of Being


What comes to mind if I ask you to remain neutral, about any topic, including yourself?

Do you see it as a strength or a weakness?

What if I tell you it’s a superpower in consciousness and has WAY more power than you would necessarily think?

That’s this month’s one of 1001 Ways to Being of Higher Consciousness

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Is being neutral is on the road to happinessMy intention with these 1001 ways to higher consciousness episodes is to introduce you to higher ways of being so you can align yourself and your energy fields with higher consciousness, which in reality, are building blocks to a much better experience and perception of life. 

They are the roadways to happiness, success, and inner peace in all areas of life. 

And you don’t need 1001 ways. 

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins and consciousness research, just one, when applied diligently and consistently, is powerful enough to shift your entire life’s trajectory. 

So let’s get started!  

So this month’s 1001 ways to be of higher consciousness is to be NEUTRAL. 

As I said earlier, Neutral is a Powerplay in consciousness whether you want to believe it or not. 

E-119 Is being neutral strong or weak-1So I first want to share a story I love to share about the power of being neutral and the willingness to let go of having to be right and prove others wrong. 

When I was in high school I had a difficult time with my mother. It was a constant battle of wills. She wanted to be right and control situations as did I.

It was exhausting!

Then one day I simply let go of the need to be right and prove my mother wrong. I let her have her way. It didn’t matter any more as I had had it with the constant struggle and tug of war.

Unwittingly I stepped into enormous freedom.

It was so freeing to let go of having to be right and prove my mother wrong.

It didn’t know what I was doing or experiencing at the time as I hadn’t been introduced to the scale of human consciousness (nor would it have been of any interest to me back then).

So now I want to put being neutral into context based on the Map of Spiritual Progress that you can find at ConciousnessCalibrations.com. 

And what do I mean when I say I will put being neutral into context? 

Well, all ways of being have a particular energy to them. These energies can be measured, and they have been by Dr. David R. Hawkins over a lifetime of consciousness research and consciousness calibrations. 

The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsYou can find out more about this in his book The Map of Consciousness Explained, which I introduced to you took in my first book recommendation in episode #115 

But before I get into the energy calibration of being neutral,  What is the meaning of neutral? 

Let’s see what the dictionary says about being neutral: 

Of course this first definition says it’s one that is neutral… seriously? How is this helpful? 

OK let’s get some better definitions as they use neutral as an adjective: 

not engaged on either side  

specifically : not aligned with a political or ideological grouping

: not decided or pronounced as to characteristics : INDIFFERENT 


So neutral calibrates at 250. That’s 10 to the 250th power.  

E-119 Break free from arrogance and the need to be right and prove others wrong-1What does that mean? 

Well, let me ask you, how do you feel about your need to be right and prove others wrong? Does this feel empowering to you? Does it feel constructive? 

If so, you are operating from the lower mind, lower consciousness, and the narcissistic core of the ego, or what I like to call NCE. 

Now, this is not to disparage or judge anyone who feels this is an empowering way to be. It’s a predominant way of being in this world and its demonstrated daily all over the news and on television, and has been throughout the ages 

There’s a pretty good reason for this to be so, and that is because most of the planet, in fact, at least 77% of the population, at last calibration, calibrates under 200. 

So this is likely the effect of mass consciousness on the planet. We can’t help but be affected by it, especially if we give it our attention. 

Hint! Hint! 

E-119 Break free from the velcro-like attachment to the ego-1Stop giving it your attention. 

Stop watching the news. 

Break free from the Velcro-like attraction to this energy field. 

IT will be challenging to become neutral if you continue engaging in this field. 

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