Your Soul's Gift, Inspirational Teachings by Robert SchwartzDiscover Your Soul’s Plan with Robert Schwartz: If you’re wondering about the map of the soul or how to find your soul purpose, you’ve stumbled upon a significant resource that speaks the truth about your inquiry into this subject at a significantly high level of consciousness, according to the website

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Author of Your Soul's Gift Robert Schwartz“You are not your body; you are not your personality or your thoughts or emotions.

You are the Holy eternal courageous soul who bravely planned this lifetime.

Who bravely planned to leave a realm of love and light and peace and joy to come into the body to experience to challenges so that you could balance karma, heal, be of service to others, experience contrast, and
correct false beliefs or feelings about the self.

You are soul. A

Holy eternal courageous, powerful, multi-dimensional soul.”

Author Robert Schwartz

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Reflections & Insights into How to Find Your Soul Purpose & Interview with Robert Schwartz

Your Soul's Plan- Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert SchwartzI don’t know about you, but coming into understanding and accepting some significant trauma and suffering in my life (that I understand I have created) has been a decade long journey out of victimhood.

Today when I listened to this interview with Rob Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born I experienced a significant shift into acceptance and understanding of the map of the soul or soul’s purpose.

A palpable healing and subtle yet powerful shift into acceptance occurred.

As a consciousness research student, I understand that acceptance is a high level of consciousness that calibrates at 350 on the Map of Consciousness®.

Today I was blessed to feel it at a seemingly pure level.

Understanding my soul’s purpose and the existence of the map of the soul has been of significant interest to me over the past year or so.

When Rob’s book, Your Soul’s Gift, came into my awareness via the website I subscribe to, I was immediately, yet subtly drawn to it. And as I was organizing our calendar of “Consciously Curated Content” and inspirational teachings, this was the one I felt needed to be scheduled now.

I now understand clearly (for me) why this was so.

So I’m going to outline key points in Rob Schwartz’s interview about finding your soul’s purpose and the soul plan created before birth.

Learn how to speak to your spiirit guides and connect with loved ones that have passed with Evidential Medium Suzanne GiesemannAt the beginning of the interview, Rob speaks about meeting your spirit guides and defining what he understands them to be.

Now, this may sound airy-fairy to you, and at one point in my life, I would have thought it was “new age-y” out there until I came into awareness of their presence and existence during a quantum spiritual awakening.

Before I lose you, the existence of spirit guides has been calibrated as real, according to consciousness research by Dr. David R. Hawkins. The consciousness level of spirit guides has been calibrated as 450 (10 to the 450th power) and higher on the Map of Consciousness®, which is significant when you understand the map.

Connect with Your Spirit Guides with Evidential Medium Cheryl MurphyTo put this into context, only 15% of the world calibrates at 200 (10 to the 200th power) or above on the map.
So, It makes sense to come into acceptance of the existence of spirit guides and be open to the presence of the map of the soul or soul plan that serves your soul purpose.

Fully accepting this greater awareness today, as I’ve mentioned, provided significant healing and shift into greater understanding.

A psychic medium that Rob worked with defines spirit guides quite beautifully as:

“A highly evolved non-physical being with whom we plan our lives before we are born and who then guides us through our lives after we come into the body.”

Again, hiring a psychic medium to help you connect with your spirit guides may sound like a goofy thing to do until you understand the healing and grace that can come through the work with a gifted evidential medium.

Connect with a Spiritual Medium

Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones That Have Passed
Connect with a Spiritual Medium Here

Rob describes his work with the medium and shares other ways to find your soul purpose and the map of the soul.

Those other ways include getting an expert astrology or numerology reading or past life regression work through hypnosis, which is one thing that Rob does for a living.


Based on my own understanding of consciousness research and intention to put into context where the real power and higher insights really exist, I have a few other resources for you to consider when looking for help in how to find your soul purpose:

More Resources for the Map of the Soul & Soul Purpose

As mentioned in the interview with Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Gift and Your Soul’s Plan, there are other resources to access your soul purpose or map of the soul.

I have some consciousness calibrations for those other ways Robert Schwartz mentioned in his interview.

The higher the level of consciousness of the resource, the higher the “spiritual truth” you will encounter through each map of the soul.

Other Map of the Soul Resources for How to Find Your Soul Purpose include:

  1. How to access the map of the soulThe Akashic Records, which calibrate in the high 400’s. (For more precise calibration and to give credit for the calibration, visit the subscription-based website here.)
  2. The *Enneagram calibrates at 390 on the Map of Consciousness®
  3. Astrology calibrates in a range of 200-400 on the map depending, presumably, on the level of consciousness or expertise of the practitioner providing the astrology report.
  4. Numerology calibrates at 210 on the map.

All of them provide a map of the soul at a high level of consciousness.

Be aware that the map is logarithmic, meaning 210 = 10 to the 210th power and 390 = 10 to the 390th power. The higher you go, the more quantum and spiritually truthful in nature it becomes. One is not “better” than another. Each addresses the level of consciousness that you are ready for at any particular place in time.

More Resources for the Map of the Soul & Soul Purpose

Enjoy our consciously curated online courses related to understanding your Akashic Records as well as finding your soul’s purpose, or true calling.

Planning Challenges Are Part of the Map of the Soul & the Soul’s Purpose

Explore how to find your soul purpose with author Robert SchwartzWait for it…..

Are you freakin’ kidding me!?!

Trust me, I know.

I’ve created some horrifically traumatic experiences in my life! I couldn’t help but feel I was being punished by God. Seriously.
So I can understand why you would object to the fact that challenges are planned for the soul’s purpose.

But Rob elaborates on this by sharing that his understanding is that all plans are based on GREAT WISDOM and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We, as the soul in personality and gender, agree to the challenges.

I, too, have come into this understanding before listening to Robert Schwartz’s interview.

So why would we plan challenges as part of our map of the soul?

Well, Rob sees (in his hypnosis work with clients) and his deeper understandings that there are five main reasons for planning challenges for our soul’s purpose:

Soul Plan Includes Challenges like Balancing Karma 1-Balancing Karma. But this is NOT in the way humans generally look at karma.

Many of us are taught to perceive karma as some form of punishment or an eye for an eye. Balancing karma happens between two souls that (kind of) need to balance out the energies between them at an individual level.

There is no “shoulding” or judgment about anything at the level of unconditional love and joy where the soul exists.

Soul Purpose Includes Challenges like Opportunities for Healing2-Healing. This is understandable at the personality level, and I recommend you listen in on Rob’s example of a client who intentionally came into the body as deaf. This deafness was a way for the soul to heal past life trauma. Though this may be perceived as a burden on the personality level, it’s actually a Divine Gift for healing.

When you begin to understand and accept the soul’s infinite and eternal nature, you can come into acceptance of the map of the soul or the soul’s plan.

Your Souls Purpose Includes Being of Service to Others3-Being of Service to Others. This is not necessarily in the way that you think.

We script roles in our pre-birth soul plan, where we agree to behave in specific ways and do certain things for others.

We agree to “BE” something or someone for another.

I had an experience where I was suffering the loss of not being with someone I felt destined to be with. After months of suffering, I “heard” clairaudient-ly (the ability to hear non-physical beings)

“I agreed to play this role for you.”

It was as if GOD was letting me know the truth of the situation.

I immediately moved into acceptance of this, heal from it, and let go of the attachment.

Thank GOD!

Your Souls Intention is to Experience the Contrast or Not Love4-Experiencing Contrast, or “Not Love.” I’ve always had this broader awareness that we are external beings.

We practically live in “la-la” land in spirit where everything is profound unconditional love and joy. As a soul, we long to know what “not love” is.

According to Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, this can only be done in the embodiment of physical life. A playground for the soul to experience “not itself” and itself.

I have been shown ETERNITY on a few occasions, and I “get it”!

What else are we going to do?

And “God” in Conversations with God explains the same thing at a high yet understandable calibrated level of consciousness.

Neale Donal Walsch Shares 3 Life Secrets for Stress Free Living

Your Souls Intention is to TRanscend Limiting Beliefs and Feelings of the Self5-Transcend Beliefs That Are Not True. This has been a BIG ONE for me, and likely many of us.

Some key issues many of us need to transcend are the beliefs of unworthiness and powerlessness.

This is the land of victimhood that 85% of the planet lives with. According to consciousness research, 85% of the earth calibrates at low consciousness levels (below 200 on the Map of Consciousness).

This is the land of victimhood, so it’s no wonder it’s so prevalent in our world.

Fret NOT, though. The soul is well aware of its soul purpose and reason for being here.

Again, the soul map and its challenges come from GREAT WISDOM and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that serves all of existence.
These challenges can sometimes be referred to as a Cosmic 2×4.

Wrapping Up How to Find Your Soul’s Purpose

There is so much great content to write about how to find your soul’s purpose that I’m going to wrap it up here.

understand the map of the soulA few right questions were asked:

Q: Is everything planned?
A: Rob’s response was that about 70% of your map of the soul is planned, especially if it’s something significant.

The balance of the soul’s plan is left up to free will.

Q: How do you know if you’re on target with your soul’s purpose and life plan?
A: Rob states that feelings of excitement, a sense of flow, and joy are good indicators that you are on the “right” path. (though there is NO “wrong” path, judgment, or disappointment at the soul level.

This is consistent with Abraham’s Teachings and the law of attraction with Esther, and Jerry Hicks teach.

Q: How do you know when you’re off-target on your soul’s purpose?
A: You’ll feel yourself being nudged or provided with intuitive hits. If you continually ignore your intuition and follow the fear-based ego, then attempts to get you back on track could become increasingly more severe!

I’ve experienced the severity of being way off track!

In reality, you are being asked to look at something really near and learn to let it go or transcend the limiting beliefs and powerless-ness you have placed on yourself.

These are NOT TRUE about who you/we really are!

I received the COSMIC 2 X 4, and it wasn’t pretty!

Be assured that what the ego wants and the soul’s plan is by design (In other words, the ego is NOT your enemy!)

This map of the soul and Divine design provides a source for significant growth and understanding at the soul level.

So Rob’s advice is to:

“Relax into deeper wisdom and love for the soul perspective.”

Again, how can you find out your soul’s purpose or plan or affirm that you are on your path?

  1. 3 Keys to Unlock Your Powers to Mediumship and Connecting with Your Spirit GuidesConnect with an Evidential Medium that can connect you with your spirit guides,
  2. Hypnosis of In between life regressions
  3. Accessing your Akashic Records
  4. An Enneagram report or reading,
  5. Astrology report and reading,
  6. Numerology report and analysis.
  7. Ask your soul, “Am I on my path?” Ask for the answer in your dream or in meditation to see what comes from you.

Rob’s Summary:

Author of Your Soul's Gift Robert SchwartzYou are not your body; you are not your personality or your thoughts or emotions.

You are the Holy eternal courageous soul who bravely planned this lifetime.

Who bravely planned to leave a realm of love and light and peace and joy to come into the body to experience to challenges so that you could:

  • balance karma
  • heal
  • be of service to others
  • experience contrast, and
  • correct false beliefs or feelings about the self.

You are soul.

A Holy eternal courageous, powerful, multi-dimensional soul.

Author Robert SchwartzAbout Author of Your Soul’s Gift Robert Schwartz

For a very long time, and well before I wrote Your Soul’s Plan, I had been searching, fruitlessly, for the deeper meaning of my life.

A Personal Turning Point
In 2003, my search took a new and surprising turn when I decided to consult with a medium. Although I had a strong belief in God, I had never (as far as I knew) directly experienced the metaphysical. I researched mediums and selected someone with whom I felt comfortable.

My session with the medium took place on May 7, 2003. I remember the exact date because on that day my life changed. I told the medium very little about myself, describing my circumstances only in the most general terms. She explained that each of us has spirit guides, nonphysical beings with whom we plan our lives prior to incarnation. Through her, I was able to speak with mine. They knew everything about me—not only what I had done but also what I had thought and felt. For example, they referred to a specific prayer I had said to God some five years earlier. At a particularly difficult time I had prayed, “God, I can’t do this alone. Please send help.” My spiritual guides told me that additional nonphysical assistance had been provided. “Your prayer was answered,” they said. I was astounded.


More Resources from the Transformational Leader Author Robert Schwartz

Let’s Put These Inspirational Teachings  and Consciousness Calibrations Into Context:

Everything emits a measurable energy field or level of consciousness per the Map of Consciousness® by the renowned psychiatrist and prolific spiritual author Dr. David R. Hawkins

The range of the Map of Consciousness® is 0-1000. It’s a logarithmic measure that is vast and quantum by nature. Anything ABOVE 200 on the map is positive aspect-oriented, constructive, and contributing to raising consciousness in a spiritually awakening world.

Anything calibrating BELOW 200 is a negative aspect-oriented and destructive energy field that pulls the level of consciousness of any individual down unless you have transcended the negative effect of lower levels of consciousness.

1000 on the map is the highest level of consciousness a human being can embody and still remain in the body.  Individuals at this level embody the significant power to offset the negativity of the world! Avatars and spiritual teachers throughout history that have reached this level of consciousness include:

Other ways of being in today’s example of higher consciousness are:

  1. Accepting – 350
  2. Forgiving – 350, and
  3. Willing to accept that you are the creator of your own experience – 350

If you are interested in raising your level of consciousness in any area in your life, this is an objective and verifiable blueprint for showing you the way!

Make Your Life a Living Prayer Dr. David R. Hawkins