If you want to build a business that you are proud of, be a part of women in leadership, and

Be a powerful leader that makes a REAL DIFFERENCE (with a lot less effort and a lot more income).


  • You are pulled in a million different directions.
  • You feel a constant sense of “not doing enough”.
  • You always worry about the business.
  • You’re always putting out fires.
  • You struggle to find work-life balance.

Please join us as Special Guest Business Presenter, Iva Paleckova as she provides an information packed presentation where you will learn her STEP BY STEP FORMULA to:

Transform Your Leadership and Dominate Your Business.

Entrepreneurial Women in LeadershipIn this presentation you will:

1. Get clear on the key steps to creating systems in your business so you can own a business that works for you (and not the other way around), and

2. Delve deeper into one of the key developmental areas – YOUR LEADERSHIP. (And actually owning it!)

Iva will teach you a SIMPLE, POWERFUL, and LASTING technique for transforming your leadership blocks.

You will go from:

  2. OVERWHELM  and
  3. LACK OF CLARITY on what it takes to build a business…

to UNDERSTANDING THE STEPS REQUIRED to take your leadership and your business to the next level.



Iva Paleckova, MBA Special Guest Presenter on Leadership

Iva Paleckova, MBA

About Our Special Guest Presenter on LEADERSHIP

Iva Paleckova is an executive coach for entrepreneurs, as well as a restaurant owner. She helps leaders who are serious about growing their business, but feel out of control and overwhelmed.

Iva created a STEP BY STEP FORMULA that systematically transforms your leadership and elevates every aspect of your business, so you can be a POWERFUL leader who is FREE TO BE, FREE TO ACT, and able to make a REAL DIFFERENCE!”

Iva Paleckova is a business women in leadership coach and holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Texas and extensive experience in small business finance, marketing, branding, leadership, management, systems, and sales. Among other things, she consulted for an incubator in Austin, TX, created a health coaching program that served 5000 people, and now owns Blooming Beets, a paleo & gluten-free restaurant in Boulder.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Iva has travelled to 35 countries and worked on 3 continents in 3 different languages before choosing Colorado as her home base. She received her MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Texas, worked for fortune 500 companies and consulted startups. Iva also owns Colorado’s first full service paleo & 100% gluten-free restaurant, Blooming Beets Kitchen.

Her intention is to empower women to live their life to the fullest potential and make a difference in the world.

To connect with Entrepreneurial Women in Leadership Coach and Consultant, Iva Paleckova go to: www.ivapaleckova.com or she can be reached by phone in Colorado at 720.421.2880